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Interpret Philippians 2:1-11

1.Read the introduction to Philippians and all of the book of Philippians in the Life Application Study Bible (only four chapters). Pay special attention to 2:1-11.
2.Read chapter 46 in Jesus is Lord.
3.Interpret Philippians 2:1-11 using process covered in the previous workshops. You will make five journal entries for Workshop Three. These posts must be spread out over at least two different days. (Ideally, you could do one per weekday as a regular habit of studying scripture into the future.) Prayer/Meditation should be a part of each step as we approach God’s word with an open mind and heart. These are the five required entries:
a.Entry 1: Observe – Make at least 10 observations about the passage that describe what you see there.
b.Entry 2: Ask – Ask at least 10 questions about the passage. Focus on what is in the passage rather than on historical details that are not mentioned.
c.Entry 3: Interpret (Part 1) – Choose one question to explore and try to answer. You will address the same question in entries 3 and 4. Look carefully in the context around your passage (about a chapter in either direction) to see if any of the surrounding material offers insight into the answer to your question. Explain any insights you gain regarding your question.
d.Entry 4: Interpret (Part 2) – You must use an outside source for this entry. You may use to search for a word in your passage and see how it is used elsewhere in the New Testament. You can also use material from Jesus is Lord or the study notes in the Life Application Study Bible. Explain insights that might help you answer your question.
e.Entry 5: Apply – State a clear answer to your question that helps to explain the passage. Then apply that in a concrete way to a situation or issue that we face in our contemporary times and places.
4.Again, the five entries need to be posted over the course of two different days, but the total of five is due by the end of the workshop.
5.Post your entries using the Journal tool on the course toolbar by the end of the

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