information systems management

information systems management1 page for plan,9 page for courseworkBrief:Today, much organizational work is performed via projects. In information Systems(IS) as well as other functions, being able to manage a project to completion, and deliver the expected outcome within the allotted time and budget, has become an increasingly valuable skill. For this assignment, with critically analyzing and evaluating the importance of project management and more specifically IS project management today, including the importance of management risks. Review the literature and evaluate the challenges of IS project management, the factors that influence its success or failure. Need to select a company/organization, to depict an example of IS Project Management, highlighting the points noted. Research and prepare a critical analysis and evaluation of Knowledge Management, and its critical success and failure factors. Examples of cases could be used to highlight these factors.You will need to consult your core text book as well as relevant books and or academic journals. The layout of the coursework should include the following sections:1. Cover page(title of the coursework)2. Introduction(this is a brief introduction to the assignment and the company chosen)3. Importance of Project Management4. Review of IS Project Management(challenges, managing risks, factors that influence success/failure)5. Case(example to depict an IS Project)6. Summary and Conclusions7. ReferencesPlan of course:Should not be longer than one A4 page (excluding the references), footnotes for the reference, but it must include the following:1. The company you will be focusing on with preliminary background given2. Some references to show that preliminary research has been conducted3. 3 references for the planNotes on Style Word CountThe text size should be 12 and the font Arial. The line spacing should be set to 1.2 as a minimum and the margins (all) should be a minimum of 1.9cm. References should be included on a separate page using the APA Harvard style of referencing.The maximum word limit for the main assignment (excluding references, tables, contents page, footnotes, charts, graphs, figures)is 2500 words. The word count must be stated in the assignment cover sheet.

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