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Individual Contribution

Individual ContributionDetailed SpecificationThis is an individual coursework that presents all the work that you havecontributed to the transmedia campaign. This will include an individuallearning agreement and a portfolio that presents how you have met youragreement and reflects on progress and outcome.As a student you have certain responsibilities – one of which is themanagement of your learning. In this assessment, you agree thismanagement with the course tutor rather than allowing them to do this foryou. This process has to go through some stages before your LearningAgreement will be authorised.Individual work agreement stagesIdentify an appropriate focus of study• Agreement of aims and how you will achieve the learning outcomesrequired for this assessment• Plan of programme of activities• Carrying out the agreed activity• Producing the final deliverablesLearning Contract stages adapted from “Independent Study Guide” forACAD0172, University of GreenwichThe different stages will be discussed in more depth later on in thisdocument.What are Learning Agreements?Learning Agreements are sometimes known as learning contracts. Thedefinition of a learning contract that this assessment is based on is asfollows, from Donald (1976):a document drawn up by a student and [the] instructor or advisor, whichspecifies what the student will learn, how this will be accomplished, withinwhat period of time and what the criteria of evaluation will be.The main characteristics of our agreement that emerges from this definitionare:1.It is drawn up on the basis of negotiation between the learner and theinstructor/teacher.2.It has flexibility, which allows learners to have a bigger say in what theywant to learn, how they will go about learning, how long it will take and howtheir learning will be assessed and evaluated.3.It is student centered, so that it offers a learning experience whichaddresses the specific needs of the learner.4.It provides a framework for learners to develop and take responsibility fortheir own learning.Reference: Donald J G (1976) “Contracting for Learning” in Learning andDevelopment Vol. 7 No. 5The Learning Agreement in depth .1 Identify an appropriate focus of study This will be your opportunity toadopt a specific role(s) within the group and should be negotiated with thegroup as well as your tutor. Consider the key roles in video production andinteractive media production to help you with this. This will enable you tofocus your study in a particular area of interest. For example you may wish toextend your skills in camera operation, web development, the use of socialmedia as a production tool, ePublishing or video streaming. You may wish tocombine some of these areas; this is up to you.2 Agreement of aims and how you will achieve the learning outcomesrequired for this assessment Quite simply, what do you intend to do in thisyear? How will that work fit into the Learning Outcomes of the course? Thisshould be a comprehensive overview, not just one or two lines. Remember –part of this course is for you to showcase your talents. Therefore you shouldmake sure you document all steps and achievements you plan to do over theyear to complete the work.3 Plan of programme of activities What are you going to do by when? Thisshould take the form of a coherent project plan that ties in the groupmilestones and individual tasks. Please complete this in Microsoft Project orBasecamp and update it throughout the year.4 Carrying out the agreed activity At this stage you will actually carry outthe activities you have agreed on in the previous stages. The work you do willgo into the creation of the group product.5 Producing the final deliverables The final deliverables for the individualstudent for this assessment is a portfolio of work to support the learningagreement document, as well as an evaluation of how the project as a wholewent. The group should be able to complete a multiplatform televisionproduct based around each individual’s work through the academic year.DeliverablesYou must submit all of the following, by the deadlineD1. A Learning Agreement document that has been agreed with the tutorfollowing the interim submission on the 25th JanuaryD2. A project plan of your activities for the year, showing all updates. Inother words, you should submit the first version with D1 and then update thedocument as the year progresses, saving each major update as a new file. Allof these should be submitted at the end of the year.Learning Agreement Structure and Content• An overview of your role(s)I am taking 3 roles in this project• Social Media (Charge in Instagram account of the group)(sharing pictures, gaining followers and likes, monitoring)• Camera operator(this is a new role that I would like to learn)• Editor (assistant)• The focus of your study and your personal learning objectives• What you intend to deliver• A mapping of the learning outcomes against what you intend todeliver• A division of the overall grade against what you intend to deliverA plan with provisional deadline dates of how you intend toachieve your goals(I will add the day of the deadline however I need you to write aplan or a schedule)start with a research, Instagram account and building itscommunity throughout the whole project, then camera operatorand finally I will be doing editing)

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