In what ways is the setting of the play symbolic? “The Doll House”

Drama Essay Assignment

Basic Essay Requirements:
Format- typed, formatted to MLA Standards
Click on the hyperlink below for MLA reminders

Length- 750-950 words

Titles/Authors- Longer play titles are italicized. Author’s name and play title should be included in the introductory paragraph

Research: Outside research is needed for this essay. You must have 2 additional sources, excluding the play. You will need a Works Cited page as well. A good rule of thumb is to utilize the research at least once in each paragraph. Do not let it dominate the essay, but you must use to add depth to your thoughts.

Wikipedia/CliffNotes/PinkMonkey/Spark Notes/Shmoop/Similar Sites are not to be used in this essay. You will not receive full credit for your essay if you rely on those types of materials.

For good research material, click on the GALILEO link on the CGTC library webpage.

Due Date- See course schedule; any essay submitted after the deadline is considered late and will be deducted 10 points per day late up to 3 days. It will not be accepted after that point.

Essay Assignment: Choose ONE of the following three options
1. Did Nora truly become an independent woman by choosing to leave her husband and family? Determine three ways that she is or isn’t and support your opinion with evidence from the text.

2. Analyze the character of Torvald and whether he has any redeeming qualities. Focus on three of them and support your ideas with evidence from the text.

3. In what ways is the setting of the play symbolic? Determine three ways and support your opinion with evidence from the text.

You must have all the basic components of an essay to achieve full credit (introduction, body, and conclusion) as well as proper in-text citation of material used from play and research. And it must have a thesis statement.

Content of the Essay:
You must use direct support from the play to back up your statements. In addition, you will be using research in an essay. Both the play and the research must be cited. Please consult with your textbook or MLA information online if you have questions regarding how to do this.

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