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In a short paper (4 pages), write your own literacy history.

In a short paper (4 pages), you will write your own literacy history. You may choose to approach this in several ways: you can write about one specific event that was impactful in some way to your literacy, you can chronicle your literacy history as a timeline with a unifying theme, or you can write about several different events that have something uniting them in a way that is revealing about your own literacy history.

This part of the project will need to answer the “So What?” question by addressing why this event or series of events is relevant to who you are now as a literate person. Remember, you are not just telling a story, you must have a point. Is there a lesson to be learned? Are you an example (or anti-example) for others? Is your history unique? Think about what you want your readers to remember about your story. 

Format: This paper is 12-point Times New Roman font, 1” margins, and double-spaced, formatted either MLA or APA style.

and the is info about me to do the essay in good way

 I am Aishah from  xxxx  i have been staying in California. My major is Business administration and management. I have planned to work as Human Resource for Multinational Company after completing my studies. I am taking this class not only because of developing my reading and writing skills but also to develop my communication skills which are most important part in this modern world. I have chosen xxxx because California State University, It is very good university.  It is medium sized university featuring a contemporary setting, small classes, modern and well-equipped labs, facilities, strong support services and close faculty contact.
As far as my hobbies concern, I would say internet surfing, traveling to new places, cooking and watching movies. But I am passionate about computers. I love to learn programming codes, playing video games and always try to search and acquire knowledge of  different things over the internet.
If you ask me about my social media outlet then I must say it is What’s app. I have been used Facebook and Instagram for years but what’s app is more useful, simple and easy to handle. The best feature of this application is concept like no need to send or receive add request to each other. It is just add the contact number and ready to work.
Writing had been one of the childhood time hobbies of mine. I loved to write small poems and anything at primary level school. When I was at high school it was almost vanished due to my full focus on school syllabus and study. I think writing is very much important to everyone because it helps to show our thought and ideas which we could not speak or express sometimes. It is also helpful to develope our vocabulary and social skills.

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