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Importance of Ethics in Business as an Academic Discipline

Importance of Ethics in Business as an Academic Discipline
I can remember vividly the dilemma I had when I was forced to choose between solving math problems manually and using computers. I was the class representative in my Business class and also happened to be the best in my class.
As a result, my colleagues regarded me highly and would often come to me for assistance. I felt elevated by the attention that I was getting. I knew the potential I had as a good Business student. I used my time wisely in assisting my colleagues, and this enabled me to improve my mathematics and business ability more. However, this glory would soon be short lived.
When we got to our senior years, the level of business studies became complex. I pitied myself as my colleagues started to have second thoughts about consulting me on their problems. I wanted desperately to maintain my status quo as the best in Business and Math; whatever the case. What would I do? I already knew the other alternative, but it sent chills within me because I had never done it before on my entire life on earth. Cheating! Why not solve the problems using the calculators and computer then give my colleagues my paper to copy?
I battled with this thought for some time; weighing the pros and cons of the whole idea. If I did it, I would still pass in my term papers. In addition, I would come up with perfect answers of which if shared with my colleagues, would be appreciated and translate to the maintenance of my glory as the best in Business class. I had to spend long times perfecting my skills, but to no avail and the performance depreciated.
I ended up choosing the former; I could not risk losing my popularity. I would complete my problems using short cuts. The calculators were efficient. I generously shared my term papers and completed answers. As I foresaw it, my popularity as a bright champ escalated. I soon forgot the essence of practicing my business studies well.
The annual business competitions were around the corner and I was chosen to represent the others. I gladly accepted but later became anxious. I had not taken time to revise my books and formulas well. The competition did not allow gadgets to be used except for manual solving. I had less than a week to get ready. The burnout was immense. I could not possibly finish everything on time. When the D- day came, I along with two of my classmates went to the podium. The humiliation that followed was unspoken. They were used to my already done answers. We stared blankly as questions were being shot one after the other. I Managed to get a few of them right and we finally lost. I was to blame. We watched as the $50,000 price money went to our opponents. As if that was not enough, the students in class failed their end of year exams in business.
This issue had a great impact on me and my fellow classmates. First, teachers started questioning my performance because the questions asked at the competition were more or less the same as the ones we used to do in class and for exams. Therefore, not only the students who ended up losing confidence on me but also the teachers. It had a great impact on me because every time we were given a test the teacher ensured that his/her eyes are on me to make sure I don’t copy. This was for them to be sure that I was as bright as the results showed. This created anxiety on me which made me fail more. The impact it had on others is that the other students failed to work hard depending on me as I gave them cheated answers. They also lost the competition because of believing in me.
The lesson I learned from this issue is that there is no shortcut to success or fame. Hard work is the best way to achieve success and recognition. It is also better to be sincere than cheat as it can have greater impacts on oneself and others.

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