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Importance of case management strategies to high risk families

Case management strategies
Importance of case management strategies to high risk families
Among the importance of case management are increasing their well-being and also self-actualization. If in the high risk families there are poverty, it can be the greatest threat to the promotion of health. The high risk families can be enlightened on how they can not only promote their health, but also improve. The health of the high risk families can also be developed to its fullest potential and can also be educated on which lifestyles that they can avoid since in the western countries they account for over half on the development of the chronic illnesses. Another importance is that they in dire need of assistance.
The high risk families can be shed light on regarding their belief on disease susceptibility and how they can avert the threat of the perceived illness. The case management can educate the high risk families in the prevention and protection of and disease behaviors and those educating them can assess the view of those families and may addressed on how they can ditch their behavior after those beliefs, behaviors and also the cultural factors have been identified.
How they can be best implemented
For successful implementation of the case management strategies, a mutual partnership between both the nurse and the family is needed. To ensure that they are best implemented and habitual dependency isn’t fostered; the nurse is not required to direct extreme care. They can be implemented by the nurses teaching the family members on how to develop a kind of empowerment when making resolutions about family health and care. They can also be implemented by ensuring that the strategies are appropriate to the family’s culture and that when they are presented to the family, they are done so in not only a respectable but also meaningful way.
The role of the nurses in implementing the strategies is that they assist the families in the promotion of health by not only applying theories but also concepts.

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