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Implementing Computer Applications

With the improvement of technology, health care facilities are moving paper records to electronic health recording (EHR). The government is funding the implementation of HER and with the benefits it comes with, it cannot be ignored (Sage, 2011). However, as far as it is beneficial, if the steps in its implementation are not followed adequately it can lead to failure. The particular health care institution will be able to decide how many steps they will follow but they should at least be five steps of implementing EHR.
The first step is to define what your organization wants or what kind of EHR is suitable throughout the organization (Sage, 2011). This is the functionality of HER is different and therefore it important to know what the organization wants. In defining the organization is able to identify the features to be included in the HER. The second step is to narrow choices by having the exact expectations (Sage, 2011). In this step various physicians representing different areas are involved to choose the right option. After this write a report which is to be revealed by the evaluation team and define the group which will make the final decision.
The third step is to confirm the availability of finances for implementation (Sage, 2011). It is important to choose one that meets needs, and budget. In this step other factors like functionality, customer service, training, space, infrastructure, technical support and financial position of the vendor. Then evaluate the reliable sources of finance. Fourth is getting ready as its implementation may cause changes in work flow (Sage, 2011). Every employee should be prepared and exited. This is achieved through discussing the benefits which come with HER.
The fifth step is training the staff on how to use the system (Sage, 2011). Before training staff, it is advisable to train super user who be leaders and trouble shooters. The response of the super user will guide on how to train the rest of staff. The last step is to implement which should take shortest time possible (Sage, 2011). The super users should be present during implementation.

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