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Identify the reasons behind receiving mandatory vaccine (Meningococcal vaccine) among pilgrims, is it to get the visa or to prevent themselves from getting the disease .

Dear writer

I need a research proposal about Hajj , meningitis and the uptake of other recommended vaccines .

these are some of the points i need for this proposal , please add more comprenhisive information and find out what could we add to this research to make it new and never been done before ..

1- It will be a Mixed method both Quantitative and qualitative .

2-The Quantitative part will be a cohort study to determine the acquisition of meningococcal carriage by the pilgrims themselves and subsequently their household contacts. will collect nasopharyngeal swabs from pilgrims before giving them the quadrivalent conjugate meningococcal vaccine and at least 2 weeks before going to Hajj later and 2 weeks after their return from Hajj will collect another swabs from returning pilgrims .

A questionnaire will be given to be completed before, during and after Hajj.

1- The questionnaire before Hajj will include the following questions: age, sex, race, history of recent Hajj or Umrah or contact with a hajj pilgrim , travel history ,underlying health conditions, smoking, history of anaphylaxis ,symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections and knowledge of preventative measures .

2-During Hajj : daily Hajj Health Diary from the first till the last day of Hajj (5 days) includes : Influenza and pneumococcal vaccination history, barriers e.g (Cost of the vaccine) and benefits to receive vaccines , preventative measures adopted every day , developed symptoms , uptake of antibiotics and any hospital admission .

3-After Hajj the questionnaire will include any developed symptoms after coming back from Mecca.

So from these we can examine their knowledge and practice of preventative measure and also the uptake of recommended vaccines …..etc please add more

The qualitative part will be a semi structure interviews face to face during and after Hajj aiming to 1-To identify facilitators and barriers to receive recommended vaccines among pilgrims. To identify the reasons behind receiving mandatory vaccine (Meningococcal vaccine) among pilgrims, is it to get the visa or to prevent themselves from getting the disease .2- to explore pilgrims perception towards preventive measures especially face mask among females ( It is prohibited to cover the face during hajj ) ..

the proposal should include the following


2- Introduction and the Statement of the Research Problem

( Please mention here the hajj vaccination policy and what vaccines is mandatory and what is recommended (Pneumonoccoal and influenza are recommended )..1000 words

3-Aim 2-3 lines


5-Reserch questions

6-Study Design

8-ethical approval

please please I want you to put all your effort on this and try to make it on time, please note these are points to cover but you can add more to make it unique and new sting research , I’m sure you will come up with ideas once you start searching .

please be careful when you cite to avoid plagiarism, sometimes incorrect citing cause a plagiarism ..


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