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: Identify the following people. Include what role they played, the significance to the story, and what happened to them. 1. Randall Ware 2. Big Missy 3. Innis Brown

You are to type your answers directly onto the exam (much like the multiple choice assignments you complete in this class). Read the individual section directions carefully. Sections 1 and 2 require original answers in paragraph form.
If you cite material, please use a simple citation (Walker, page number).
Add space as needed to answer each question. There is no need to rewrite the question but number as I have.
No late assignments accepted.

I. IDENTIFICATIONS: Identify the following people. Include what role they played, the significance to the story, and what happened to them. Give some insight into what makes the character unique. (20pts @ 5 pts each).

1. Randall Ware

2. Big Missy

3. Innis Brown

4. Kevin MacDougall
II. QUOTES: Place each of the following quotes in context (who said it, the circumstances it was said, and the significance of the passage). (20pts @ 5 pts. each)
5. “And remember what the word of God says to you slaves:
Servants, obey in all things your masters.
God meant for you to have masters.
God meant for you to be slaves.
God meant for you to be humble, obedient, honest, truthful, and God-fearing servants of your earthly masters.”

6. “He longed for his own anvil, to hear the ring of his hammer and watch the sparks fly around him while he forged. But he had been forced to leave because of the hated system and now he wondered who in the country hated colored people more, the slavers, the poor whites, or those northern white people who were not abolitionists.”

7. “Naw. I told him we was living in the country, and when he asked on whose land, I told him we was in the woods and the river bottom and wasn’t nobody nearbouts to us with no land.What he say then?He act kinda satisfied, leastwise he didn’t say nothing else.”
8. “It was too late. Innis Brown knew this woman, who had stood so much outrage, had a wisdom and a touching humility that he could never cease to admire. It was more than her practical intelligence, or her moral fortitude; more than the fundamental decency and innate dignity that marked her character as an unusual one in the face of both these men that night….Peasant and slave,
unlettered and untutored, she was nevertheless the best true example of the motherhood of her race, an ever present assurance that nothing could destroy a people whose sons had come from her loins.”

III. SHORT ANSWER: Answer the following questions in complete sentences.
(18 pts @ 3 pts each). 1-3 sentences should suffice for each question.

9. Why was Brother Zeke able to come and go as he pleased? What was his secret business?

10. What happened to Lucy after she was caught trying to escape to freedom?

11. Why did Big Missy hate Vyry?

12. Why didn’t the “po buckra” and the slaves get along with each other when they had to work together even though their situations were much the same?

13. Why did Vyry and Innis have such a terrible fight after Innis whipped Jim?

14. Why did Vyry and Innis finally decide to settle and build in Crenshaw County, Alabama?

IV. DEFINE: Simply define. (12 pts. @ 2 pts each). A phrase or sentence will suffice. Make sure your definition fits within the context of the book. Use of a dictionary is not permitted.

15. “granny”

16. po buckra

17. pickaninny

18. patter-rollers

19. overseer

20. goober peas

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