Identify scientific changes that early childhood children can observe using their senses.

  • Identify scientific changes that early childhood children can observe using their senses (for example, snow melting, a baby growing into a toddler, etc.) and answer the following questions:
  • Describe ways that children can keep track of these changes.
  • Summarize why you think these forms of measurement are helpful for children to capture, record, and preserve changes.
  • Explain how using their senses help children to understand measurement.

Watch the following video:

TheQuirkles. (2011, Jan 28). Easy Science Experiments for Children – Fun Color Mixing Activities. [Video file]. Retrieved from

  • Share what observations children will make.
  • Explain what they will be able to measure from this experiment.







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Here’s another 4+ part discussion question, so please take your time to provide comprehensive responses to each part.  You should number each part of your response or at least separate each part with a space.

Part 1: This part is easy!  Think of the MANY different observations (visually) children can make about changes in their immediate world as well as how they might use their other senses to  experience the change.  Identify what the change is in this part and what senses (possibly more than 1?) that they are using.

Part 2: How would you help children to track these changes?  Can they keep track of them with your support?  Is there a way for them to keep track entirely on their own? (Always keep in mind appropriate expectations for children—don’t expect preschoolers to be able to write a journal entry!)

Part 3: Another straightforward question—what have you learned from this week’s reading? Why is measurement (in any form) so very important as a foundation for scientific/mathematical thinking/concepts?

Part 4: Why is it important for young children to use as many of their senses as possible?

And then this last part, is just a fun video for ideas of how to do a fun color mixing activity where they can practice observation skills and apply some measurement concepts.  Discuss observations and measurements children might make with this experiment.


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