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Identify and recommend specific hospitality information systems and technologies that COMMUNE should acquire.

I: Introduction
COMMUNE Management and Marketing Inc is an Internet-Based company specializing in planning, development, management and marketing of premier travel, leisure services and resorts globally. The company’s vision is to be the premier hospitality and tourism management and marketing organization serving small and medium sized enterprises worldwide. The company currently has a contract to provide management and consulting service to 300 hotels ranging from 50 to 200 Rooms, 10 Travel and Tour Companies located in three continents, and 50 Parks and Recreation agencies and theme parks in the United States. To gain competitive advantage, COMMUNE management has decided that they need to have a strong Internet presence, network all its clients, and provide online training and workshops for its clients employees.
II: Learning Community Group Project
The company has requested your Learning Community Group to submit a proposal to help them design and implement an effective e-commerce website with all the technologies necessary to conduct their business. As part of their brief, the directors have informed you that they hope to start three lines of service. These are:
a) Hospitality Operation and Management
b) Travel and Tour Operations and Marketing
c) Parks and Recreation Operations Management System

Your Group Tasks: Based on the course text, all course readings and serious/thorough internet research by all members of your Learning Community Group, you are required to:
1. Identify and recommend specific hospitality information systems and technologies that COMMUNE should acquire.
2. Identify and recommend appropriate travel and tourism information system and technologies for COMMUNE
3. Identify and recommend appropriate technology solutions for parks, recreation and leisure services management for COMMUNE
4. Propose a conceptual website design with the relevant components and links for potential travel club members and other users.
5. Prepare a line item budget for the recommended hospitality and tourism information technology brands. Obtain quotes from the suppliers.
III: Report Format:
COMMUNE management has given your Learning Community Group to submit and present your proposal to the executive management. The report should be in APA format and provide all the necessary references and sources of information and data.

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