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Identify an inspirational/motivational speech that has made a lasting impression on you, by John F. Kennedy

Assessment overview

Leadership is at its most visible when our leaders stand before us to make inspirational speeches.

This assessment will allow you to think more deeply about the qualities of leadership displayed in such speeches, identify and analyse a particularly significant speech. The report you produce will enable you to apply your knowledge of leadership theory, particularly the learning in Weeks 5-7 related to topics such as charismatic and transformational leadership, situational leadership, and power, politics, influence and crisis


Assessment details

Identify an inspirational/motivational speech that has made a lasting impression on you, by John F. Kennedy (you should be able to find video or audio of numerous historically significant speeches online). Then, based on your discussions, write a report that includes the following:

1. A brief explanation of why you believe the speech to be significant

2. A brief description of the context (historical/political) of the speech, and the impact that it


3. An analysis of the reasons for the success of the speech, based on application of relevant

leadership theory. Include specific examples from the speech that demonstrate the methods

the speaker has used to ensure they present an effective and convincing argument, and

substantiate your analysis by drawing on at least ten peer-reviewed/referenced journal


Write your report using an appropriate report structure:

 Executive summary/abstract – summarises the main contents and findings of the report.

 Introduction – provides background information related to the speech, including the reason

it was selected, its historical/political context, and the impact it made.

 Main discussion and analysis – draws on relevant literature and theory (at least ten peerreviewed/referenced

journal articles); uses examples from the speech and links to the

theory; clear argument and reasoning in line with purpose of the report; analysis and critical

reflection of leadership demonstrated through the speech.

 Conclusion – implications and brief summary i.e. a summary of how the elements of

leadership theory were embodied within the speech.

 References/bibliography – citation of all evidences/references used, using Harvard

referencing style.


 Appendix – include a link to a video or audio recording of your selected speech.

Assessment criteria

1. Executive summary (5%) Presents a brief summary of the main contents of the report.

2. Introduction (15%) Defines the scope and significance of the chosen speech.

3. Discussion (60%) Evaluation of the elements of the speech linked to leadership theories.

Critical examination and interpretation of the speaker’s arguments. Engagement with the

theory through specific discussion of relevant quotes taken from the speech.

4. Conclusion (10%) Presents a brief summary of the report that is consistent with the


5. Presentation, format and referencing (10%) Use of appropriate presentation style. Within

word limit. Appropriately references using the Harvard style


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