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Human imagination.

Human imagination.
All human beings possess this. It can be defined as “the ability to mentally visualize abstract ideas and concepts and to associate this mental power with vocal sounds and writing.” We can further elaborate this by saying that mostly, it relates to a mental activity that requires imagination within the human mind. It does not exactly relate to the physical materials that we can locate and touch. It reflects the perspectives of how human beings think about various things inside their brains. Whether these things exist or not depends on their individual characteristics.
Let us take for instance a person who creates something that did not exist before, such as a New Car Model. The first step is to imagine what he intends to come up with. It is from that imagination that he then takes the next steps and come up with the real object of what he originally imagined. But one simple example of Human Imagination is “thinking.” All human beings, despite of their age or capabilities, do think. Therefore, thinking is the most basic type of Human Imagination. This is then closely followed by “memorizing.” When a person stores some information in their memory faculties, this is a form of Imagination.
Basically, Human Imagination is made up of a “Learning imagination” and a “Creative imagination”. “Learning imagination” is the ability of humans to learn to associate sounds and symbols with abstract ideas in their mind. They are then able to communicate these abstract ideas with other minds. “Creative imagination” is the ability to create new innovations, concepts, art among others.
On whether Human Imagination is Finite or Infinite, there are many ideas which basically give diverse views. Basically, the two terms refer to whether Human Imagination can be measurable or not. Diverse views arise depending on the perspective from which we look at the question .
If we look at the question physically, then we can say that Human Imagination could be finite. For instance, Human Imagination comes from the brain. Then we can calculate the physical size of the brain. This could be in reference to its weight and other physical characteristics. The number of neurons in a person’s brain is very large, but countable. Also, a person can summarize his ideas in a number of printed pages, which can have a measure and a limit. These examples prove some aspects of the measurability of the Human Imagination.
On the other hand, there is the idea that Human Imagination is Infinite, and this seems to hold more solid ground. Ideas originating from the brain are endless; hence they have no measure. Can we be able to measure the height of arrogance in human beings? What about their possibilities of coming up with new ideas? Also, there’s no measure of where the brain can go to.
In conclusion, I think that the above analysis describes Human Imagination and various examples.

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