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How will the organization use strategic management throughout the HR realm?

Generalized outline of HR Policy proposal

• Name of company you are creating proposal for
o Description of company
 Size
 Structure
 Managerial approach
• Which laws (Ch 2) will impact you?
o How will they impact you?
o What steps will you take to comply?
 For example, does the organization have its own EEO office?
o Sample a sexual harassment policy
 How will you deal (i.e. deter and punish)?
• How will the organization use strategic management throughout the HR realm? (Ch 3 issues)
• Will you conduct a job analysis?
o How often?
o How many workers will you use?
o What method(s) will you use?
o Provide a sample job description
• Recruiting
o How will you determine when a position is needed?
 E.g. forecast?
o How will you fill it?
 Advertising?
• Which medium?
• Provide a sample job ad
 Outsource?
 internal versus external candidates?
• why?
 What information will you include on the job application?
• Why?
 What won’t you include?
• Why?
• Employee testing and selection
o What will you use to test your applicants?
 How will you verify validity of the test?
 Which types of tests will you use?
o What are the rights of applicants?
o Will you conduct background investigations?
 Why or why not?
 If so, when will you conduct them?
o Will you use references?
 Why or why not?
o Will you administer drug tests?
 Why or why not?
 When?
• Interviewing process
o Structured versus unstructured?
o What content will you use?
o How will you administer the questions?
• Training
o How will you train?
• How will you evaluate performance?
o What benchmark will you use?
o How often?
o Who will evaluate?
o What method will you use?
• Do you need employees focused on jobs (i.e. its expected to have high turnover such as retail) or careers?
• How will you pay them?
o Direct compensation
 Salary
 Commission
 Combination
 Hourly
o Indirect compensation
o Will you use pay scales?
 Which ones?
o Pay for performance?
 E.g. piecework
o What benefits will you provide?
 Severance?
 Bereavement?
 Maternity leave?
 Insurance?
 Wellness programs?
 Pensions?
 Stock options?
• How will you eliminate ethical dilemmas? (Ch 14)
o i.e. use fair distributive and procedural justice programs
o focus on slide 4
o How will you punish?
o Will you monitor employee communications?
 Is this legal? When is it?
o How will you handle terminations?
 Especially the decision of who
• How will you deal with unions?
• How will you promote employee safety and health?
o Why is it important to focus on this?

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