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How the implementation of ARRA will affect the privacy of our healthcare and personal data

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Q3. (i) How the implementation of ARRA will affect the privacy of our healthcare and personal data
The staffs that harm a celebrity’s reputation or that of a next-door neighbour will face the federal for such behaviours. Those individuals who are caught looking at the health records without being authority will also be in a position to be fined huge amounts of money. Fearing the legal penalties that will be mete out to the perpetrators, there will be confidentiality to the medical records.
The implementation of ARRA will give workers between jobs had the access to medical services. The law also states that if the figure of the people that are affected will number less than five hundred, it is only the Health and Human Services, and the persons that will be concern will be notified. The law also puts in protection the medical records of people because if an employee have admittance to vital data belonging to a patient will have to be required to inform the concerned authorities about the act done by his or her association and thus will make the hospital workers accountable for the sensitive data of any patient and even celebrities.
The implementation of the ARRRA emboldened the protections for the protection rights of Californians and also specified in the way that the notifications of the breaches need to be forwarded and the contents that must be contained in it, the way that the breach happened and also in the way that the steps have taken in the improvement. It puts fore that every breach need to be notified to the federal authorities and also in the case whereby the people concerned exceeds five hundred to be notified the major media channels that provide media services to that particular area where it happened.
Q3.(ii)Where there is a breach of a person’s medical data, the business partner will be held responsible and will be necessitated to sign a protocol that will make them to protect the data. Towards the well being of the patients or the celebrities, there is a high probability that personal health data may be used in the marketing. The coming up of the process, the criteria and the technology goes to the shoulders of the private sector. The major question that is unclear is whether the private sector will be in a position to make the solutions safe on time. It is unclear what will to the exact new policies. Another nagging question is whether the appropriate technology will become available and with a reasonable price to the health facilities in the rural areas.
Q3. (iii) Future breaches can be forestalled by both protecting the password and encrypting, educating the persons who perform the jobs via mobile gadgets and electronic storage systems. If there are already happened breaches, the management should be notified with immediate effect. The healthcare facilities can be fit with surveillance security systems that work round the clock. The healthcare facility must also be responsible in ensuring that the staffs do not have the access to the Electronic Health Record than what their work entail them to have an access to. The healthcare facilities and institutions should install systems on which the IT sector can be notified when the system users were stopped so that they can no longer have an access to Electronic Health Records.

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