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How politically savvy are you? discuss your strengths and weaknesses.

How politically savvy are you? Use the “Test for Political Savvy” on p. 99 of your textbook to discuss your strengths and weaknesses.

How politically savvy are you? Use the “Test for Political Savvy” on p. 99 of your textbook to discuss your strengths and weaknesses.

My husband and I often joke about how I would never survive in his field of work due to my lack of political savvy. I don’t like having to manage perceptions. In fact, I am aware that I like being the way that I am without “playing the political game” or “putting on appearances”. I’m a very positive person that enjoys providing bedside care to critically ill patients. I’m also a firm believer that you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover.
As an example of this, I’d like to begin by saying that my husband and I are quite wealthy. Most people would not guess this about us. We own multiple properties, but the idea of having designer stuff or a fancy car seems very frivolous to me. In my opinion, the only purpose of me owning such things is to make myself appear wealthy enough to own something of this nature. In fact, I dress fairly plain and only wear make-up if it’s a special occasion. I’d rather spend the money making memories with my family, making sure his parents have what they need during their retirement, or donating to my favorite charities. Those things are ultimately important to me.
At work, I do my best for the patients and it doesn’t matter to me about anyone other than the person I’m caring for. Sometimes my patients are sedated and intubated and don’t know what I did for them and I’m fine with that. It isn’t my intention to look good to anyone. My intention to be good at providing nursing care. If my supervisor thinks I do a good job or not only matters as much as it affects the care that my patient(s) receive. If I can use feedback to improve, then I welcome it. Work politics only concerns me as it intersects with patient care.
As for the test in the textbook, I have about average political savvy. I get credit for my ideas, but that doesn’t really matter much to me. According to my charge nurses and manager, they appreciate that I deal with workplace conflict effectively. I’m generally in the loop. My coworkers come to me for advice. If I need to influence others in order to better care for patients, then I am persistent advocate, using my influence to do what I see needs to be done. I avoid gossip and have a firm policy against saying negative things about coworkers. Unless my patient(s) need my immediate help, I will always help any of my coworkers when they ask for it because I think that patients suffer when requests for help are denied. In return, my coworkers are happy to help me when I need it.


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