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How is today’s globalization process different from earlier eras?

How is today’s globalization process different from earlier eras?
The revolution of globalization processes are so much different fro the previous ones in many ways. Nowadays, people can listen to their favourite musicians without the need to be where the musicians are. Unlike in the previous centuries where mass communication was reduced to books and newspaper articles only, other forms of mass communication such as television have been introduced where not only the viewers listen to more cutting edge reports, but also view the scenes of the reports such as video grabs.
Back in the 1850s when much of America was enjoying the connection of telegraph networking that connected the various states to each other and ultimately received with applause when it became transatlantic and connected Europe to America, it has been easy nowadays as a person can make a call from America and talk with his counterpart in the farthest tip of East (China) through means that could never have been thought possible such as video-caller.
The globalization has also led to diversity in social issues. The initial mass institutional was preserved for religious purposes only but fortunately, the globalization processes such as television has set a platform form all diverse social issues that affect humanity.”…television sets the stage for all processes that intend to be communicated to society at large, from politics to business…sports and art.”(Manuel Castels)
Following the trend of the technology revolution, unlike in the previous eras, it has now become possible to send documents using the World Wide Website. In the previous eras where everything had to be sent using the snail mail or the telegraph.
The media outlets that have come a result of globalization, has set a platform whereby the people can interact and get ideas from other people.
However, everything comes with a price. Scholars estimate that averagely, a husband and a wife spend a lot of time watching the television that they do talking to each other or with their children. This is unlike in the past when the mass media hadn’t revolutionalized and in those times the most decent form of mass communication was the radio. The television sets the basis of the issues that people will discuss when they are not watching them.
The advance in the mass communication has led to wide media coverage whereby correspondents can report and show live ads of refugees who are treated with inhuman acts in hostile nations such as Congo or Cambodia. A person can be ensconced in his sofa in a far away country like America and watch a video grab of the inhuman acts in Congo and if several people watch and against such acts, human life, the people can use the media to broadcast the need to respect the sanctity of human life.
(ii) Importance of people in understanding the globalization trend
The learning of culture is important for two main reasons. The first reason is for the person concerned to understand themselves. Globalization makes individuals to transcend geographical borders and cultures and get to know new things and how they function. The second reason in understanding globalization is that it helps people to get to see the world out of their own range of thinking. In this way, globalization widens the people’s understanding of the reason that makes other people in varying cultures conduct themselves and think in different ways. This helps in international understanding.

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