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How is the “social exchange” theory exemplified by Mrs. Jones’ actions?

Mrs. Jones is 87 years old and suffers from slight dementia. Last year her daughter, Susie placed her in a small board and care facility; for six individuals or less. The staff at the board and care provides excellent services for their elderly client; providing for their physical and emotional needs. Lately, the staff noticed that Mrs. Jones was staying her room more often. When her daughter took her for a physical exam, there were no symptoms or apparent reasons for her withdrawal. The staff, concerned that she might be depressed insisted that she participate in activities that the home provided. Mrs. Jones, a former Director of a Social Service Agency, did not want to participate in such activities and remained in her home. When the director contacted her daughter, Susie, she indicated that her mother was never very social and preferred to read and watch television, yet on the other hand her mother enjoyed visiting with close friends. Mrs. Jones seemed to withdraw more and more. It was difficult for staff and the administrator and the remaining residents began to notice that Mrs. Jones was “anti-social”. Nothing seemed to interest Mrs. Jones.

Prior to her diagnosis of dementia, Mrs. Jones was a busy and active woman. She never joined the senior center because she never wanted to associate with those “old people.” She found them boring and did not think of herself as a “senior.” Mrs. Jones volunteered until she was 78 at the local library providing services to individuals who had difficulty reading. She has a positive relationship with her four grandchildren, who had all moved away and were busy pursing their own lives. She has been living at Shady Acres for the past 6 months now and has difficulty remembering dates and time.

According to the on-line lesson and textbook readings:
1. Please explain the facets of self-concept that have impacted Mrs. Jones self-esteem?
2. Indicate two theories of motivation that staff at the residential care facility support?
3. What might be some of the reasons for the withdrawal of Mrs. Jones?
4. Is Mrs. Jones’ withdrawal an adaptive or maladaptive technique?
5. How is the “social exchange” theory exemplified by Mrs. Jones’ actions?
6. What plan of action do you suggest to assist Mrs. Jones?

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