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How does your faith/spiritual foundation intersect with your cultural values? Discuss how your faith contributes to your actions.

Here are the instructions directly from my professor. I am taking a nursing class that focuses on becoming a culturally competent provider and dealing with cultural diversity in healthcare. I was with a different writing company and they did a horrible job. I read the book and provided a summary as well as detailed answers from other students. The company just copied and pasted the material I provided. PLEASE RE-WORD my answers. Also, the writer did not provide a INTRO and CONCLUSION. I also had problems with the grammar of some of the sentences. FIRST, read the instructions below from my professor and make sure you adhere to them. Then read the attachments I have provided. The first attachment “Summary of Henrietta Lacks” provides a summary of the book and what other people have written on this book. Then read the paper that was done by the first company (I have provided my comments in red. Read them all because this is what I need you to fix.). Then read the third attachment “Revision Comments.” This attachment contains the answers to the questions formulated from other students. I just need you to re-word the answers, without plagiarizing please.
* Reading Reflection Assignment = 10%: Read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. Skloot, R. (2010).
1. Reflect on their own values, perspectives, and experiences, as they relate to their ability to be a culturally competent healthcare provider.
2. Construct socially and empirically derived cultural knowledge of people and populations to guide practice and research.
Assignment Requirements and Instructions
1. Write a 4-6 page reflection and submit to Sakai.
2. In your reflection, please include the following:
a. What are your cultural values? Where did they come from?
What role did your values play in decisions you made thus far in your life?
b. Reflect on aspects of the book – what experiences have you had with healthcare that are similar/dissimilar? As a nurse ? As a patient ?
c. What you did learn from the book that you can incorporate into your nursing practice? (please note – this is NOT a summary or book report on the book)
d. How does your faith/spiritual foundation intersect with your cultural values? Discuss how your faith contributes to your actions.
e. Have you ever been the “other”? What did it feel like?
f. Analyze and critique specific cultural and ethical issues noted in this reading.
3. All papers must conform to the standard academic format, APA style 6th ed, and be free of spelling, grammatical, and typographical errors. The number of pages of each written assignment does not include the title page or the references. Please include an intro and a conclusion.

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