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How does Erikson’s image of human nature differ from Jung’s?

There are two parts to this board. Be sure to read and follow the instructions for both parts.Remember, in order to get full credit for this assignment, you must watch all of the videos, answer all of the questions, and respond to at least two other students’ posts. Also, to count as a post, your answers/responses must be at least 6 sentences long. When answering the questions, please either post each question/answer as a separate thread, or number each answer within your thread. Put a title on your post that includes your name. In responding to others you may consider the following: ask a question to clarify the other student’s response, suggest alternate explanations/answers, provide additional information that is relevant, provide a resource related to the post, discuss why you agree/disagree with the point being made, etc.1. In what ways is Erikson’s theory different from and similar to Freud’s theory? Which theory do you think has more validity and why? Explain your reasoning.2. In your own words describe the concept of identity consolidation. How do you think this process takes place in modern society? Describe at least 2 events or factors you think can make it easier or harder to achieve identity consolidation.3. How does Erikson’s image of human nature differ from Jung’s? Which theory do you think has more validity and why? Explain your reasoning.Find two articles about Gordon Allport and/or his theories. Post the url for each of them as separate threads, and include a few sentences about each article and its source. These articles should be from journals or psychology professional publications, and may not be from newspapers or magazines. Your comments could include an evaluation of the conclusions of the author, whether you agree or disagree with the concepts presented and why, what further research you think could be done on the topic, or other thoughts you had while reading the article. Your posts must be at least 6 sentences long. In this way we will build a small webliography about Gordon Allport.Required Text: Schultz, D.P. & Schultz, S.E. (10th edition). Theories of Personality 10th ed. Belmont, CA.Resources:ARTICLE ON ERIKSON’S STAGES OF DEVELOPMENTRead this synopsis of Erikson’s stages of development –

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