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How does a christian worldview affect the way you parent your adolescent?


The purpose of the present assignment is to explore individual differences in parenting practices and philosophies.

Throughout the assignment, make sure that your responses are well-written in full sentences that conform to all the rules of Standard Written English. In addition, make sure that your responses are double-spaced (as single-spaced text is hard on the eyes)!

Submit this worksheet by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 6.

Part 1: Interview with a Parent of an Adolescent

For the first part of this assignment, you will interview a parent of an adolescent about his/her parenting beliefs and practices. Please use the following questions in the interview, and then create and present 3 additional questions that are relevant, informative, and of particular interest to you. Be sure to transcribe the interviewee’s responses to all 13 questions as accurately and completely as possible.

1. How old is your child/children?

2. How is adolescence different from the elementary school years for your child? What changes have you seen in him/her?

3. How has your relationship changed since your child has entered adolescence? Give specific examples of how it has changed.

4. What are some boundaries and rules that you have set up for your teen? What do you do if he/she breaks or a rule or disrespects a boundary?

5. Is your teen involved in a romantic relationship? Does he/she go on dates? If so, what do the dates consist of?

6. What is the greatest challenge you face in regard to your relationship with your adolescent?

7. What is your child’s feeling toward his/her friendships? Do you think these friendships have a major influence on him/her? If so, please give some examples.

8. How has the world changed from the time you were a teen? What are some new challenges your teen will face that you did not?

9. In your opinion, does your child have good or poor self-esteem? Describe how you think your teen perceives him-/herself, and give some examples.

10. How do you cope with the anxiety and pressures that come with parenting an adolescent?

Part 2: Reflective Analysis of Interviewee’s Responses

For the second part of this assignment, you will critically examine the parenting style of the person you interview by answering the four questions below. Your responses are not restricted to the spaces provided. Please feel free to use additional space to answer each question fully and concisely. Logical support for responses must come from: 1) the interviewee’s responses to the interview questions, 2) the textbook, and 3) Scripture. Be sure to cite the sources that you used according to current APA guidelines; and remember that your responses should be double-spaced and well-written.

1. Provide a brief description of the person whom you interviewed (e.g., gender, age, family structure, geographic location, religious beliefs and/or any other information that you think is relevant).

2. What parental style do you think the parent in the interview has?

3. Is this style consistent, or do you think it changes in response to the child’s behavior?

4. What seems to be the greatest concern this parent has with his/her child? How does this manifest in the parent-child relationship? According to the textbook, is this concern common?

Part 3: Examination of Your Personal Parenting Beliefs

For the third part of this assignment, you will reflect on your own personal parenting philosophy by addressing the questions below. If you are a parent, then use your current philosophical approach when answering the questions. If you are not a parent of an adolescent at this time, then use your “ideal” approach. As with part 2 of the assignment, feel free to use as much space as you need to answer each question fully and concisely. Also, please be sure to incorporate information from both the textbook and the Bible to support your answers, and to cite your sources in current APA format. Finally, remember that your responses should be double-spaced and well-written.

1. Which parenting style do you believe is the best and why?

2. How do you (the parent) balance maintaining a relationship with your adolescent and enforcing the rules of the house?

3. How does a Christian Worldview affect the way you parent your adolescent?

4. How would you approach your adolescent if he/she were struggling with a particular issue (e.g., drug use/abuse, crossing dating boundaries, pornography, eating disorders etc.)? Choose one issue, and then provide specific examples of how you would approach this issue as a parent.

5. How do/would you cope with the anxieties and pressures that come with parenting an adolescent? Provide specific examples.

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