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How did the work that went into creating the artifact impact school improvement, faculty development or student learning?

Standard 1

Complete Standard 1 of your electronic portfolio. Standard 1 contains the following four (4) elements:

1.3 Policies, Procedures, Programs & Funding

A portfolio rubric has been developed to help you understand what is required regarding the artifact(s) and reflection for each element. Please use this rubric as you are deciding which artifacts to use for each element and what to include in your reflection for each artifact. Please watch the video for Standard 1 to get an understanding of the expectations for each element in this standard.

You must provide at least one (1) artifact for each element. The artifact should represent a tangible product created through your participation in various course assignments and field experiences. One (1) artifact may be used to demonstrate mastery of multiple elements, but you must have at least 20 different artifacts in your portfolio. More than one artifact may be used to show mastery of an element.

Each element should have a narrative in the portfolio answering the questions below. The narrative for each element should be a MINIMUM of 4-5 paragraphs in length–one paragraph for reflection question #1, and one paragraph for reflection question #3. However, reflection question #2 may take 2-3 paragraphs or more. You must address all of the criteria in the rubric for this element in this question. Please watch the videos for a better understanding of what is expected for this element in question #2. The narrative should reflect a deep level of reflection answering the questions below. See a sample reflection.

Reflection Questions:

1. Briefly describe the artifact and the context in which it was created. What was your individual contribution(s)?

2. Explain how this artifact demonstrates mastery of the standard/element under which it is placed. See the portfolio rubric and watch the video for more details on what to include in your reflection for this question. You must respond to each of the items on the rubric in this question! It is VERY IMPORTANT that you address ALL of the criteria on the rubric. This one question may need to be several paragraphs long to address all of the items on the rubric.

3. What did you learn from completing this artifact? What would you do differently to improve the quality of the artifact or the process involved in creating the artifact? (Not changing anything is not an acceptable response.)

4. How did the work that went into creating the artifact impact school improvement, faculty development or student learning? How can the impact be assessed?

Advice from Professor:

advice as you continue to work:

Be sure your artifact clearly aligns with the standard. Use the SUGGESTED ARTIFACTS DOCUMENT (found under Resources).

Keep in mind you must have a minimum of 20 artifacts in your portfolio.

Remember to answer all 4 questions from the Portfolio Handbook.

Underline or Bold the key words from the Portfolio Rubric in your reflections.

Re-read your reflection for spelling and grammar issues before submitting it.

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