Health Issues and Indigenous People

Health Issues and Indigenous People
Indigenous youth in Australia have always been disadvantaged because they have been neglected and very little support has been directed towards them (GlobalGiving Foundation, 2011). They have not been involved in recreational activities which can empower them to take up activities which can help to lead a productive life.
Most of indigenous people in Australia live in the remote areas where resources are very limited. This in addition to isolation and lack of support makes indigenous youth in Australia disadvantaged. Since the indigenous youth receive little or no support at all and they are not involved in creational activities, the probability of making wrong choices in life is high (GlobalGiving Foundation, 2011). This also has contributed to them having poor attitude towards education. This lack of support can also lead to poor dietary practices may be because of lack of information or due to lack of proper diet. The probability of turning to drug use and sexual activities is also high.
Therefore the major social determinant of the disadvantage experienced by indigenous youth in Australia is social exclusion since it denies them opportunities, experiences and amenities that facilitate wellbeing, self determination and social inclusion (Diemer, 2010). Social exclusion has lead to poor career development and poor occupational attainment among the indigenous youth (Diemer, 2010).
Another social determinant to the disadvantage is low socioeconomic status and poverty. These are determinants in that due to the poor socioeconomic status and poverty, the youth cannot access quality education (Rachelhiggi, 2011). This minimizes their probability getting formal employment. Due to poverty they cannot get quality health care services especially when they are young hence the probability of growing up with health conditions which are a barrier o education is high. Additionally when they are growing up, their parents do not have enough resources to give them nutrition required for brain development and other essential developments. This affects their performance in school at their later age.
The disadvantage also comes about due to the fact most of them reside in crime prone areas (Rachelhiggi, 2011). Therefore they might be involved in crime hence ending up in jail. Since they have a high rate of alcohol and drug abuse, this increases their probability of getting involved in crimes.

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