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Health Care Organizations Analysis Presentation

Health Care Organizations Analysis PresentationPaper details:Review the case study presented. The case is titled “A Medical Leader Improves Care in a Dialysis Clinic.”Create a 10- to 12- (of content) slide presentation based on the selected case study.Provide a background and explanation of its key components. Include the following as if you were the nurse administrator responsible for the change.Note. The background and explanation may only be 2 slides at maximum:•Identify the health care delivery model.•Explain the structure of the organization in the case study.•Analyze the communication patterns identified throughout the process in the case study.•Discuss the negotiation strategies applied as well as opportunities for relationship building across departments.•Describe how the organization’s performance changed as a result of the initiative.•Identify laws, regulations, accrediting bodies, and practice standards that should have been considered as part of the initiative in the case study.Cite a minimum of 5 peer-reviewed resourcesTHREE CASE STUDIES: MASTBRING CHANGE 219CASE STUDY B: A MEDICAL DIRECTOR-LEADERIMPROVES CARE IN DIALYSIS CLINICSJerry Jackson is a clinical and interventional nephrologist whoserves as the medical director of two dialysis clinics in Birmingham,Alabama.6 Beginning with his training at the Institute for HealthcareImprovement (ll-ll) in 2005, he has led an effort to reduce the mortalityrate in End Stage Renal Disease patients being treated with hemodi-alysis. Knowing that there is a strong correlation between the bloodlevel of albumin in a hemodialysis patient and the risk of mortaiity,Jackson decided to take on the challenge of raising the percentage ofhis hemodialysis patients with a normal albumin level. He has usedthe components of strategic intelligence, profound knowledge, andthe methods of building a system of learning using the science ofimprovement in his approach to this challenge.The following narrative describes Jackson’s improvement jour-ney in terms of the following outline:0 Strategic inteliigence: foresight, Visioning, motivating, andpartneringProfound knowledge: systems thin king, understanding variation,psychology, and theory of knowledgeBuilding a foundation for learning: systems map, system measuresLet’s begin with foresight, the first component of strategicintelligence.ForesightAt a workshop for the Network’s Medical Review Board leaders,Jackson first heard of the IHI, the Boston-based organization thathas become a leader in quality improvement design and training.Having heard how IHI had been instrumental in the design of a pro-gram for the end stage renal disease (ESRD) program called FistulaFirst, Jackson wanted to learn more about the science of improve-ment in hopes of strengthening his efforts to reduce mortalityamong his patients. He decided to participate in the IHI ImprovementAdvisers Development Program. In this program, the improvementadviser (IA) has to take a very objective look at all aspects of his or

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