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Harris Interactive Inc.

Company selected: Harris Interactive Inc.
Harris Interactive Incorporation is a company that gives market research, provides polling services, tracking studies stretching to long terms and computer-enhanced telephone interviews in the data compilation centers in Singapore, U.K, Canada and Hong Kong. The services and products that the company offers varies greatly including health care, transport and other extensive services involving technology. Moreover, the firm has outsourced contracted companies in several countries such as India. The company also takes the public opinions on varying agendas per week. The company is headquartered in New York.
Business units of Harris Interactive Inc
There are several companies affiliated with Harris Interactive Incorporation through either merging, acquisitions to those companies or purchasing of other firms. Among those firms are: M & A Create Limited, Total Research Corporation, Louis Harris and Associates, Media Transfer AG Netresearch & Consultant, Novatris (S.A), Decima Research Inc., Market Research Solutions Limited, Yankelovich Partners Inc. and Wirthlin Worldwide Inc.
Historical Perspective
In 1975, Dr. Gordon S. Black who was by then a political science professor at the University of Rochester that in New York founded Harris Interactive Incorporation but was initially called Gordon S. Black Corporation. After acquiring Louis Harris and Associates in 1996, it became known as Harris Black International Ltd. Harris S. Black, started searching the use of the internet in 1997, at a time when it was limited to the technicians only. Harris Interactive Incorporation was made public at the end of 1999.
Scope of the business
Harris Interactive Incorporation serves its clients in varying ways among them: strategy and brand researching, loyalty researching, ads researches, technology and Telecom, Financial services, government and policies, consumer packed goods and various services involving automotives and transportation services.
Current products and services
Harris provides various services and products based on: using computer-enhanced internet and telephone interviews to collect field data, survey designs, evaluating the data collected by weighing it, analyzing and then reporting according to the clients’ requirements. Harris Interactive Incorporation is also that conducts research services in energy products such as pricing of energy products; shelf-impact product packaging; car maintenance, retail gas and lubricants.
Scope of market distribution
Harris Interactive Inc. has several branches across the globe thereby making the company global. Some of those branches have in turn have offices in several other areas and this makes Harris Interactive a quickly expanding company. The company has a branch in Germany called Harris Interactive AG; a branch in Argentina called Total Research Latin America which has offices in both Argentina and Uruguay. Harris Interactive Incorporation caters for its worldwide clients through its many offices located in U.S, Asia, Europe and other subsidies such as Novartis in France.
Overview of the leadership
Harris Interactive Incorporation is led by several co-CEOs who oversee the operations in various branches. The founders of Novatris, S.A, and Patrick Van Bloeme assisted by the co-founder Nathalie Perrio-Combeaux head the operations in the United Kingdom and France. The two co-CEOs oversee the operations based in Paris. The business operations in Canada, Asia and Europe are overseen by Kimberly Till who’s both the President and CEO of Harris Interactive Incorporation with the assistance of the management leaders situated in those areas.
Jani Lee Chapman, the Executive Vice President of Harris Interactive Incorporation, is the consultant of the global brands and other consultations in marketing and communications. Pavan Bhalla is the Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and also the Treasurer of Harris Interactive Incorporation, manages the accounting of the company globally, overseeing investments and other related roles, plans and evaluates the finances, and the growth of the corporation. Eric Narowski leads the company and oversees the global affairs of the company in his position as the Senior Vice President, Global Controller and the company’s Executive Accounting Officer.
Current issues that may affect the future of Harris Interactive
Harris Interactive Incorporation faces much competition in the market researching, the conducting of online polls and other companies that profession on business like theirs because they are capable of gathering clients’ data using the internet services. Some of those competitive companies may be bigger than Harris Interactive and more experienced in their researches and therefore providing the clients with cutting edge products and services.
The market researching business is prone to the economic situations such as global depression and this may adversely affect the company since during those times, the clients tend to keep the costs as minimum as possible, cancel or postpone projects that may be carried out by Harris Interactive (Jack, 2008). This may have a financial strain on the Harris Interactive.
Alterations in the practices of the research industry could minimize the actions of the company. Some of these include the proposal by individual people their own communication regulations and internet access to the people who use it (Jack, 2008). Since ISP’S may tamper with the communication of the company, or other self-styled controllers of the research industry control the data that the company’s respondents give, the company may be forced to resort to the old ways of gathering data.
Harris Interactive Incorporation will be forced to update with the quickly changing technological landscape that is going on in the polls and research business otherwise it will be unable to meet its business plans with success. The company’s business rivals are advancing their methods of data collection and technology in accordance with the experience that they acquire from the internet (Jack, 2008). Keeping up with them is the only way to survive in the competitive industry.
The alterations by the company of the regulation laws could maximize the margins of the expenditures of conducting the researches via the internet or minimize the tasks that the company carries out via the internet. This may be caused if the enforcement of the current rules or the enactment of others in the future may adversely affect the activities that the company carries over the internet.
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