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Grocery store

Grocery store
To get the demographic and socio-culture trends we must bring to the fore the major aspects that prevail in the grocery store chains departments. These aspects range from promotional and chain store advancement through campaign, the use of websites and the internet and market tools among others.
Demography can be defined as the learning of population trends as in the concern of expanse, make-up, constituents and the,the two companies that are the major competitors offer the products that are unique .the Amazon grocery store chain offers products that can withstand long time without going stale because they are non-perishable, in that way, they provided customer value and if the company that is being rivaled ,by the two major competitor, can keep up with the trend, the it sure will go down the drain. The old saying fits here, “survival for the fittest.”That Amazon has got a whooping fifteen thousand different grocery items, provides the its clients will the pleasure of selecting what they desire and it will tend to distract the other customers fro its brilliant services”…without a sustainable competitive advantage, the organization’s long-run business and survival are uncertain.”If Amazon’s half grocery items focuses mainly on organic items and healthier-food related products, the customers will get the perception that the organization thinks about the welfare of its clients and that mere notion will tend to lure customers to their premises. The innovative idea of Amazons offer of customer caring products makes it have one peculiar advantage over its rivals.(Lorna,1976) On the other handmaid’s will have another advantage in such that it offers luring high quality products at lower prices and this will attract the clients to their premises because they will tend to think that they are considerable about the financial status of their customers.
The strategy is not affected by the amount of the marketing that they does on the television though somehow, in one way or the other, it can determine the number of customers that shop at their chin store. This can be in the form of accessibility. For example, a customer can not fathom the need of shopping ay a chain store that he or she usually shops at while at his doorstep there is another that is offering the same services(Lawrence,2008). The exact determining factor is the services offered the discount. Customers tend to catch quickly about which stores’ are offering the best and at convenient prices. This is mostly done by reffered that is to mean that relative recommends the grocery to another relative or a friend to a friend.So, clients are the ones that offer the most effective marketing and it is mostly by the internet or the television, after customer satisfaction.
The Aldi’s grocery store chain is the one that is positioned better. In this era of global recession and economic meltdown, customers will tend to figure their choices mostly based on the cost of the commodities and not the impact on their health(Charles,2008). In this way, Aldi’s grocery store has a huge number of customer shares. So this means that the Amazon’s little trick with no foundation, of offering fifteen thousand commodities with half of which arte organic and are healthier-food related products, will either little or no fruits.
The strategy that I would recommend for the organization is “to follow the logic upstream. “I would tell it to let Aldi’s grocer store be the role model. If the strategy applied by the Aldi’s can work, then if the first clients realizes the irresistible offers then they will recommend it to others and more and more will come by referral.
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