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Global Environment

Global Environment
The impact of national cultures on global environment: the variance and the great range of various religion practices have been the medium for the transportation of perceptions, perspectives and the beliefs over vast distances The realms of the past had mastered a way of putting into one the human by the way of establishing a strong and communal form of administration that administrated the cultures.
During the boom of the technological era, when the postal, telephone and either type of services were taking shape, the exotic and new knowledge was spread to other parts(globalization).Also, the manufactured products that are produced in other areas that are outside a particular nation they become interpreted using the local dialect when they reach those areas.
The impact of economy and corporate system: during trade, some products are produced on host countries under licenses from the initiative countries and this and this bring s mutual benefit on the two different countries. (ED.2008)Also there have been many rising trading organizations such as IGAD or OPEC, which offer competition to the other organizations. Not forgetting the trading of shares world wide. There has been international banking systems and also the trading that are conducted across borders. Still there have overseas corporations that have even gone to the extent of having business collaborations with the other smaller national corporations.
The political systems: each country has got its own national borders that are internationally recognized. The systems show indistinctive territories and were there to be no boundaries, travelling over unmarked landmasses would have been cumbersome. Also there was the introduction and exposure to exotic systems after colonization.(vig 1999)
Social systems include the factors that contribute to refugees who when they are looking for safer groungs, interact with new systems. The language cultures are favored by the coverage of radio, television, satellites, and even the more digital ones inclusive of the internet.
My experience in global environment: .As a businessman, I travel greatly looking for fresh pastures for my trading goods. During my trade trips, sometimes I’m unfortunate as darkness gets me in very interior parts of some places. Travelling at night can be sometimes insecure so rather than risk, I rent lodgings and eat the food offered in those places. On holidays, I travel greatly for pleasure and I tour infamous places all over Africa and tend to mix up with different cultures and I taste their meals. Anyway isn’t it said that if you go to Rome do what the Romans are doing?

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