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Give reasons for the collapse of the Western Roman Empire.

Place the letter of the best answer in the blank provided on left.(2 pts each)

____1.Rome became a Republic when
A. Romulus settled the 7 hills
B. the patricians overthrew the Etruscan king
C. Julius Caesar was killed
D. the plebeians won voting rights

____2.The Roman Struggles of the Orders involved
A. issues of senatorial rank
B. conflicts between Latins and Sicilians
C. rivalry between the priests
D. disagreements between Roman social classes

____3. The 12 Tables was a victory for the plebeians because
A. it ordered the redistribution of land
B. it provided written laws for all Romans
C. it gave plebeians the right to hold higher office
D. it established the office of tribune

____4. By 264 BC, Rome had achieved all the following EXCEPT
A. the conquest of all Italy
B. social unity
C. the conquest of Sicily
D. the acquiring of enough resources to begin conquest of the Med.

____5. Romans were shocked by their defeat by Hannibal at
A. Pontus B. Zama C. Cannae D Teutoburg Wald

____6. Rome’s military advantages were based on
A. superior cavalry
B. discipline and superior organization
C. iron weapons
D. speed and the light equipment of their infantry
____7. Scipio Africanus was known for
A. defeating Spartacus
B. leading Italian unification
C. acting as Julius Caesar’s chief of staff
D. defeating Hannibal in Africa

____8. Zama is
A. the location of the 12 Tables
B. where Spartacus was defeated
C. a Roman god
D. where Hannibal was defeated

____9. Which of the following WASN’T true of Roman slavery?
A. Slaves were only from the Eastern Med
B. about 1/3 of Rome’s population were slaves
C. Unless poor,most Romans owned slaves
D. Slavery ended under Augustus

___10. Spartacus was
A. a great Senator
B. a Roman general
C. a supporter of Gracchus
D. a leader of a slave revolt

___11. The major rivals to the Roman Republic were
A. Carthage/Macedonia
B. Persia/Athens
C. Gaul/Egypt
D. Spain/Germany

___12. The Roman who demanded land reform was
A. Julius Caesar B. Spartacus C. Scipio D. Gaius Gracchus

___13. When Sulla marched on Rome
A. he sacked the city
B. Julius Caesar was his ally
C. it started a civil war
D. it was the 1st time a Roman general had entered Rome at the head of his army

___14.Julius Caesar marched on Rome when
A. he crossed the Rubican
B. he decided to avenge Marc Antony’s death
C. he feared his troops would desert
D. he invaded Gaul

___15. Caesar’s assassins viewed themselves as
A. defenders of the Republic
B. protectors of the plebeians
C. supporters of Imperialism
D. better than Caesar

___16. After Caesar’s death,
A. the Senate named Marc Antony dictator
B. a period of peace occurred
C. the Roman Republic died
D. the Roman empire split

___17. The 1st emperor was
A. Julius Caesar
B. Brutus
C. Claudius
D. Octavian

___18. In 410 Rome was sacked by the
A. Vandals
B. Goths
C. Franks
D. Lombards

___19. What was NOT a factor in the Empire’s fall?
A. internal lawlessness
B. outside pressure
C. wide spread diseases
D. the rise of the Christian religion

___20. Who responsible for the center of the Empire moving East?
A. Theodoric
B. Justinian
C. Charlemagne
D. Constantine
Pick 10 of the following 15 people,places and ideas. Explain them as completely as possible in 2 or 3 sentences(3 pts each)

1. Phoenicians
2. Hannibal
3. Etruscans
4. patricians
5. plebeians
6. Tiberius/Gaius Gracchus
7. Goths
8. Pax Romana
9. Pharisees
10. Zealots
11. Constantinople
12. Battle of Adrianople
13. Arianism
14. 1st triumvirate
15. Nero
Pick 2 of the following 4 questions and answer them as completely as possible (10 pts each)

1. How were the Romans able to control such a large number of different people and maintain Pax Romana?
2. Give reasons for the collapse of the Western Roman Empire.
3. Was Julius Caesar a savior or traitor to Rome and its principles?
Support your choice.

4. Why was the Eastern Empire able to remain strong while the Western Empire collapsed?

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