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Gender Inequality in India

Gender Inequality in IndiaPaper details:I need 20 sources for this paper. All sources need to be cited APA style. Also all sources should be within the recent 10 years. You can go 5 years down if you really cant find much. I am attaching 9 sources titles. If you need the articles just contact me and I will download and send them to you.What makes a good literature review:A literature review is a comparative paper, with a few exceptions. Instead of comparing samples, you’re comparing what authors are arguing. Furthermore, you’re not comparing with the intent of identifying who’s wrong and who’s write. Rather, you’re comparing with the intent of gather information, showing that you’re aware of ALL possible arguments, and with the intent of preparing to identify who is wrong and who is right. You do need an introduction but it’s only an outline of how the paper will proceed. You also need a conclusion, but it’s only a summary of the main points on which the authors agree and disagree. Here are some additional guidelines:– A literature review is a way for you to become an expert on a topic.– It is, quite simply, a summary of what you’ve read on the topic.– Do NOT need to make any argument about the topic in this type of paper. In fact, you don’t make any arguments at all in this paper.– Your paper is simply a venue where the scholarly experts carry out their own arguments on your chosen topic. They argue and agree, discuss and disagree, offer alternative observations/solutions/proposals.– Many authors agree with each other. That’s a good thing. Emphasise similarities.– Many authors disagree with each other. That’s also a good thing. Emphasise the differences.– Your sources MUST all be scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles.– Structure the paper to focus on issues and sub-issues, not authors.– It’s ok to look at the methodology the authors use, but it will probably take back seat to the conclusions the authors make. It’s also acceptable to ignore their methodology, unless it’s seriously flawed.– Keep the paper organized with headings/sub-headings.– Your conclusion should simply be a summary of the main arguments as presented by the scholarly experts.Gender Inequality in IndiaSaxena, K. (2015). DISCRIMINATION. INEQUALITY AGAINST WOMEN.International journal Of Multidisciplinary Approach & Studies, 2(5), 163-169Arora, R. U. (2012). GENDER INEQUALITY, ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, AND GLOBALIZATION: A STATE LEVEL ANALYSIS OF INDIA. The Journal of Developing Areas, 46(1), 147-164. Retrieved from, D., Horton, R., &Raguram, R. (2012). Gender inequality and structural violence among depressed women in south india. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, 47(12), 1967-75. doi:, M. C. (2002). Sex, laws, and inequality: What india can teach the united states. Daedalus, 131(1), 95-106. Retrieved from, A. (2010). The effect of family background on individual wages and an examination of inequality of opportunity in india. Journal of Labor Research,31(3), 230-246. doi:, P. (2011). Education, inequality and social mobility in central india. The European Journal of Development Research, 23(5), 695-711.doi:, A. (2008). Gender inequality and religious personal laws in india. The Brown Journal of World Affairs, 14(2), 103-112. Retrieved from, U., Strohschein, L., & Gaur, K. (2014). Gender socialization: Differences between male and female youth in india and associations with mental health.International Journal of Population Research,doi:, B. P., Sooryamoorthy, R., Anderson, M., Palackal, A., &Shrum, W. (2006).Gender and science in developing areas: Has the internet reduced inequality?*.Social Science Quarterly, 87(3), 679-689. Retrieved from (2010). Female selective abortion – beyond ‘culture’: family making and gender inequality in a globalising India. Culture, Health & Sexuality, 12(2), 153-166.doi:10.1080/13691050902825290

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