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Fox News Is Not a Serious News Organization

Fox News Is Not a Serious News Organization
The serious or authentic nature of Fox News is a concern that becomes evident in this paper. It is important to acknowledge that several people believe that Fox News is authentic since it posts relevant and accurate news. As such, people use the news provider to conclude on processes affecting the society. Concurrently, I believe that Fox News is not a serious and appropriate news organization since it posts falsehood, which may affect the awareness and understanding of the people watching the news. Related terms, which highlight the situation includes conservative blogs, purposefully, invade and promote. Apparently, conservative blogs indicate that the organization’s source is inappropriate and irrelevant. Purposefully means that the organization presents information in the inappropriate context meaning that it fails to address the real concerns presented within the environment (Klingebiel, 2009). An additional term is an invasion since the organization fails in safeguarding the privacy or associated contents of the source of facts. This means that the organization acts inappropriately in safeguarding the interest of the consumers. Promote is a term that means that organization enhances violent political rhetoric.
At this stage, it is crucial to acknowledge the position I hold in the issues highlighted above. This is evident in the ideology that Fox News often presents falsified and impartial news as stated by Allen. It does so with the intention of acquiring significant fraction of consumers. Furthermore, it complies with outside forces, which control the issues posted. As such, it becomes difficult for a right thinking and partial individual to acknowledge the value of the news agency to the society. My individual opinion moves significantly from the borderline position. This is because I wholly believe that the organization acts inappropriately thus possessing minimal ethical values. The positive aspects attributable to the organization are few; furthermore, they are covered up by incompetency thus making it difficult for an individual to appreciate some of the positive aspects (Fox News, 2009).
The criterions that the opposing side conforms are loyalty, and accessibility. This is because they have been watching the news for a relatively lengthy period making it difficult for them to acknowledge the negative aspects of the news provider. Another characteristic that defines the opposing side incorporates accessibility since Fox news is relatively available for the users, upon comparison to other print sources. This means that it is difficult for individuals to consume news from other sources yet Fox offers readily available news (Allen 2009). The above statements mean that placing individuals in such categories often affect their ability to meet to react.
Furthermore, its lessened professional nature makes it simple for them to gather and present facts. The reason provided by the opposing side for accepting and adhering to the criteria incorporate the comfort derived from the circumstance. Furthermore, the large fraction of consumers adhering to such a position makes it simple to develop a multitude that will address diverse factors (Klingebiel, 2009).
The issues arising from Fox news, which make people shun the company incorporate its lack of privacy. Apparently, the company rarely protects the people or sources from which it derives the information posted in the news. This places them in a tricky situation. Consider a scenario where news leads to the arrest of persons wanted by the law yet the news company reveals the source (Allen 2009). This means that there is an elevated probability that such persons will be unsafe since organized criminals might search for him. The authentic nature of any news company arises from its ability to defend the source regardless of the structural and organizational limitations. It is futile to offer information to the society at the expense of the providers.
As such, this gives rise to confidentiality, which is significantly lacking in the organization. It is worth affirming that this is a criterion, which makes me believe that Fox is acting unethically thus not a serious news company. An additional concern arising from the company is evident in conservative blogs which air and post news that is impartial and aligned to a detailed organization. This means that the company rarely addresses the wider populace but focuses on a definite niche (Allen 2009). It locks out Americans and other persons who want to post independent thoughts, which are not aligned with a definite organization. Concurrently, it is unfeasible to sustain conservative blogs if an organization endeavors to improve its functional capacity within the society. It should collate and represent views from the wider society and shun certain interests, which may not illuminate its position and values.
An additional concern arising from Fox news incorporate its purposelessness since it often reports information out of context. It is crucial to denote that such a condition makes it difficult for the organization to attract ethically oriented persons. An example is evident in White House reporting that the information and programming presented by the organization is not news but rather entertainment and associated features (Allen 2009).
This means that it hides within the cover of a news company yet most of its presentation shuns news. As such, it becomes difficult to engage in objective reporting of news. An additional concern entails the promotion of political agendas by aligning itself with a known faction and supporting definite ideas. It is crucial to understand that people ought to shun such aspects from a media entity since it is likely to polarize the nation.
As indicated by the above aspects, it is crucial to note that conservative blogs is the most irrelevant criterion since it is the choice of a participant to access such blogs (Allen 2009). As such, the company ought not to receive blame on the extent of the conservative nature. Furthermore, maintenance of such blogs often arises from the willpower of persons who are not directly associated with the company. It is thus crucial not to blame the “not serious nature” of Fox on conservative blogs. In order to explain this criterion, it is important to comprehend that the management of the Fox is talented in making proceeds making it embrace diverse societal processes. This means that such blogs just but a solitary means of making profits since other processes persist (Allen 2009).
Interestingly, Allen exemplifies the notion that Fox news pushes an ideology and does not allow persons to act contrarily. Furthermore, it becomes difficult for the entity to acknowledge societal processes that give rise to such ideologies. An additional phenomenon that makes it necessary to disregard the notion of conservative blogs is evident in Allen’s remarks “It’s not a news organization so much as it has a perspective” (Allen 2009).
Concurrently, it is essential to denote that my individual perception regarding Fox derives its basis from authenticated facts presented within credible sources. It is important to recognize the role of Fox as a programming and media entity. However, the society should understand that it is not a noteworthy news organization. The resolve behind the management’s action is to make proceeds regardless of the existing circumstances.
Furthermore, it is paramount to acknowledge the views of the remaining portion of the society that acknowledges that Fox is a formidable news entity. Probably, they do so with the understanding that news may fail to adhere to strict reporting standards. In light of such an ideology, the news presented by Fox may be irrelevant and imprecise but should meet the stipulated criterion.
It is proper to appreciate the suppositions of the opposing sides since the criteria fronted such as accessibility often determines the consumption of media items. It is improper for an individual to search for news items that are difficult to obtain yet Fox news offers readily obtainable information. Concurrently, loyalty amidst the consumers of fox news equally exemplifies the situation thus the need to explore the situation from diverse perspectives.
Conclusively, my individual phenomenon meets the definition of the categorical terms, which incorporate “conservative blogs, purposefully, invade and promote”. This is because Fox news fails to meet the criteria for a serious news organization basing on such ideologies. The citizenry should acknowledge the vitality of the entire exercise thus appreciate the etiquette surrounding news reporting. They should embrace Fox as an entity that provides programs that entertain; however, its suitability as a news entity is questionable.

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