Fire suppression systems

Assignment Six
Fire suppression systems are strategies which are applied incase a fire arises. They are used to suppress flames any time fire occurs. An organization has variety of fire suppression systems to choose from. Some of these types include; wet sprinkler systems, dry sprinkler systems, deluge sprinkler system, and dry chemical suppression system. To ensure that public safety is increased, the fire suppression systems work together with heat sensors, smoke detectors, and fire alarm systems. Most of fire suppression systems apply the mechanism of removing oxygen and lowering the ignition temperature.
Dry pipe sprinkler system is the strategy applied in most organizations including my organization. This system works in a simple way; fire sprinkler systems are filed with compressed air and hooked to water pipes which are in the ceiling and in the walls (Fire Sprinkler UK, 2011). The pipes which are hooked to the sprinkler system can be filled with water which remains there always or they can be connected to water tank or any other water source through a pump. Since the system has several sprinklers, each sprinkler has a glass bulb which has gases and liquid and expands when they are exposed to heat. Any time a fire starts it sends hot fumes to the ceiling making the glass bulb to burst (Fire Sprinkler UK, 2011). When the bulb bursts, it releases droplets which are large enough to bring the temperature of the fire down hence it goes off quickly before it spreads.
This is a good strategy and I agree with it. This is because it can detect fire as soon as it occurs and puts it off even if there are no personnel around. It doesn’t only depend on water. Incase water is not available the air is used.
Assignment Seven
Though no one enjoys it but it is necessary. It is important to have an up to date backup strategy which will help in retrieving files incase they are lost. In some case one can lose their laptop or even make alterations to a document which one might need in the future. This is the time when backup becomes necessary. They are many things in which a backup can be use for. For instance; an organization’s or individual documents, application data, media, heirlooms and the whole system.
My organization uses the backup strategy believed to be the easiest. It uses the Rebit which backs up every thing the first time it is applied (Spector, 2009). It helps in backing up everything including the entire system incase it had crashed. It makes work easy when it comes to recovering a specific file since one needs to only click on that specific file. It is designed in such a way that it can work all the time any time. One need not state that they need a back up but it occurs automatically provided the file has been changed (Spector, 2009). The Rebit drive does not to stay lugged in always because even if it is plugged in once a day, it will back up all documents. This is applied in the organization to ensure that all data is safe.
I agree with this strategy since it does not require that back ups are done very day a situation which can make computers slow. It does not need to stay plugged in always since it has the capacity of backing up everything the first time it is plugged in. this reduces the risk of power surges, and malware.
Assignment Eight
Computer viruses are just like any other computer programs but they reproduce themselves and spread without the owner of the computer knowing. Mostly they attach themselves to other files. Viruses have different effects on the computer and that is why having a virus protection strategy is important. Some of virus effects include; can be destructive to the computer programs, slow the computer’s performance, introduce useless information to the hard drive, delete or destroy some files/information or they can even crash the whole system.
The organization I work on applies firewalls which are normally internet related and are connected to the computers. The firewalls keep an eye on all connections to the internet and ensure that no unwanted programs and disruptions occur to the computers (Chambers, 2011). It helps in making sure that only the important information is allowed in and out of the computer. At the same time it makes sure that unwanted information, unwanted programs like viruses stay off the particular computers (Chambers, 2011). It uses the signature method to detect viruses. It also applies the method of heuristics which enables it to identify a family of viruses in only one signature. Most are times when viruses replicate to different strains to ensure that they are not easily detected (Chambers, 2011). This method of heuristics is able to identify the main virus strain and the off strains which replicated from it.
I agree with this strategy since it has the ability of identifying a family of viruses at the same time. However, it should be updated from time to time. This is in order to enable it be aware of malware and viruses. All viruses should be included in the signature because it will be difficult to identify a virus which is not in the signature.

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