Finance and business

Finance and business
The finance related aspects
In all the websites, the cynosure is issues about finance. In the first website, it’s about money investment. The New York Stock Exchange lures the investors to buy the shares in their stock exchange but veiling the real interest of the company(which is highest possible price) by saying that they offer the stacks at low cost and that they can’t hoodwink their clients by saying that there is transparency. The second aspect is finance security. This is evident in their stock exchange manifesto. The third aspect is special offers and incentives: in the first website, there is a mobile advert that is moving to and forth”…Get powerful spends capacity and valuable rewards to help you run your business…” ( is intended to grab the attention of the customer. The other financial aspect is convenience: in the second website, there is a part termed as Treasury Direct showing how the clients can solve their inventory. It shows that the clients can keep the track of their money. The other aspect is the fear of loss. The company runs ads on the website where one of them asks a question about the financial status of America, “What is the national debt right now? Making a Bush Protest sign.”The website reduces the clients to a state of self-abnegation, so that they can’t view their finance in high regard,”…one source I see says over 7 trillion…”First, an investor with a capital of over a figure say like $100,000 can’t be hesitant when venturing into the investment market because, even if the capital is much, he will tend to underrate himself as in when compared with the seven trillion. Anyway, what’s the fraction of $100,000 when compared with a whopping $ 7 trillion? The next well choreographed aspect is the eye-catching ads whose offers can’t be turned down as they portray the obvious.”Get real answers about creating income for retirement.”(
Personal comment: Sincerely speaking the ads are recipes for curiosity and ingredients for satisfaction. The clients’ niggle of doubts are taken to their lowest threshold by the ads. Were I also to an investor and have money coffers, I would hesitate to venture into the business
The ad is luring in that, who wouldn’t want to retire in a mansion and a condor, his retirement taken care of? Who wouldn’t want to have, albeit literally speaking, a tantalizing future? The investors wouldn’t hesitate not only to hedge their bets on the company but also to invest.
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