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Explore and explain the major organizational issues when a company moves from national to international/global marketing

MKT3012 14-15

AS2: Resit Company Context Assignment

This resit assignment is also based on Optimax. This is, however, a completely different task and so it is important that you do not replicate your first sit work although you will find the feedback given on that useful .

The task

Optimax has decided to enter the Netherlands. The overall approach is to open a flagship clinic in Amsterdam and then expand to the main cities. To do this they are forming a joint venture with Albert Veldkamp who runsGoede Visie, a small chain of 7 opticians. Optimax will have control with 70% ownership and the clinics will operate under the Optimax brand .

You are to write a 2500 word (excluding references and any tables or diagrams) marketing strategy for the opening of this outlet. In doing so it is important that you bear in mind that this will form the basis for all other outlets.

In addition to proposals for the overall approach to taking the brand international, the report must include specific recommendations for each element of the marketing mix. All ideas should be supported by secondary market data and theory. You should also identify what market research you would recommend to refine and test your ideas.


This should be made through the AS2 ResitTURNITIN submission point.

Learning Objectives

The assignment is therefore linked to the following learning objectives:

Knowledge and Understanding

a) Appreciate the complexity and interconnectivity of the constantly shifting international marketing environment and interpret the consequences for international marketing decisions.

b) Critically engage in the ‘glocalisation’ and ‘standardisation-adaptation’ debates and apply the arguments to a range of international marketing decisions.

c) Compare and contrast alternative methods of selecting and entering markets

d) Explore and explain the major organisational issues when a company moves from national to international/global marketing

Subject-specific Skills.

e) Critically assess the methodology and interpretation of international marketing research and information.

g) Identify and evaluate options to achieve international marketing strategic aims.

Key Skills

h) Explain concepts and theories clearly and apply these appropriately to new problems and contexts

i) Synthesise, evaluate, and present information from different sources in a clear and objective fashion

Mode of working

This is an individual assignment. The University policy will apply in all cases of copying, plagiarism or any other methods by which students have obtained (or attempted to obtain) an unfair advantage.

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