Explore African-American history in the start of the United States of America.

explore African-American history in the start of the United States of America. The first major piece of legislation passed was a “blueprint” for settling territory west of the Appalachian Mountains. The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 actually came before the US Constitution and it is also the first national legislation to limit slavery in a part of the US. The state of Ohio was settled as part of the “northwest territory” and thus it was established as a non-slave state. If you are one of the architects of the new republic of the US, how would you set things in motion to end chattel slavery/

PARAGRAPH #1: Enforcing a slave-less Ohio. You are working with the new governor of Ohio, preparing the territory for statehood. It is proposed that as a northern territory Ohio be established as a “free” state. No slavery. Propose 3 laws to keep slavery from the territory and how you will enforce them and tell why you believe these provisions should be part of the Ohio Constitution. Remember that people traveling into the territory will take slaves in with them and slaves will escape from slave states to your territory. How do you make provision for dealing with these problems as well as what to do if a private citizen in Ohio decides to keep slaves? Also, how do you justify on practical grounds the need to make Ohio a free state?

PARAGRAPH #2: Given that many people in the US after the Revolution would like to end slavery, if you were back in that time, in order to end slavery in America, would you advocate IMMEDIATE EMANCIPATION- that is, free the slaves right this minute, or GRADUAL EMANCIPATION- that is, over an extended period of time? Give at least 3 reasons why you feel the way you do, based upon your knowledge of African-American history.

Then read and reply substantively to 2 posts after yours. Agree? Disagree? Why or why not? Do more for more credit

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