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Explain why fungi are important to your bioregion’s health

Task 4: Due Tuesday, May 27th. The flow of energy through my national park.
This assignment will not be accepted via e-mail. Only a typed or handwritten research record will be accepted.
A Reminder: Your SCRIPT FOR iMOVIE is due Friday, May 30th.
Your iMovie is no later than 1:00 pm on Saturday, May 31st.

The flow of energy through your national park
In Task 3, you were asked to describe the plants and animals that live in your park. With this task, you will imagine them as autotrophs and heterotrophs, as producers and consumers as you make a food web. If you have not watched the biodiversity vid on Bb, do so now.
Now that you know a bit about some of the diversity that exists in your bioregion, you should be better equipped to compile a food web. Remember that a food web demonstrates the complexity of the interdependence of living things within a habitat or ecosystem. It is based on the food pyramid, and the different food chains found in the community.
In this task, you are to take the organisms you described in Task 3 and organize them into a food web that shows their interrelationships and interdependence.
1. For producers, your web must include at least one tree, one non-grass flowering plant, and one grass. If you have an ecosystem such as Joshua Tree that has little grass, then you may use 2 from the other categories. No more than 6 producers should be used on the food web.

2. You must include at least one animal from each of the categories from Task 3.

3. Those wishing to demonstrate their understanding of the complexity of their park’s food web will also include at least one pollinator for their flowing plant(s). No more than 16 animals should be used not including the pollinator. (The pollinator may also appear in your Arthropoda list.)

4. Fungi
▪ Make a list of 2-4 fungi that are indigenous and/or endemic to the ecosystem on a separate page. Include the common and scientific names.
▪ Add 1-2 fungi to your food web.
▪ Explain why fungi are important to your bioregion’s health and add them to your food web.

You may craft your food web on construction paper available during class or use poster board. It will be a good size rendering. Take a picture of it and add it to your iMovie. Submit your drawing during your period on Tuesday, May 27th.
Analyzing your food web to learn more about your ecosystem’s sustainability – due your block 5/28 or 5/29.
5. A keystone species is very important to an ecosystem. It is so important that if it is removed the entire ecosystem will suffer (or collapse) as a keystone species plays a key role in maintaining the balance of all other species in the community. Looking at your food web, identify 2 possible keystone species. On a separate sheet of paper (the one with your fungi list on it), discuss why and/or how you believe the removal of these two organisms would negatively impact the ecosystem. Are these organisms endangered or threatened (the scientific meaning) today?
6. What impact is global warming having on your food web?
7. Cite the Source(s) of information for above responses (MLA formatted).

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