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Explain what types of things can affect the pricing or availability of the product (i.e. shortage of rain)?

Commodity Oral Presentation for PRCH1008 Introduction to Procurement
Worth 10% of Term Mark
Groups/Topics Along with Due Dates at end of this document
Natural Gas- Ontario Canada

For this assignment you are expected to prepare a group oral presentation based on information a buyer should have in order to make an informed purchase of an important commodity. Depending on what company or industry you work for, there will usually be one or two very important commodities that have the ability to affect the company strategically. For example steel would be an important commodity for Ford Motor Company, sugar and cocoa would be an important commodity for Hershey, cotton would be an important commodity for Benetton and copper would be an important commodity for Wolverine Tube. There is no formula or check list which can be followed in determining the information which a buyer needs for sound purchasing as it depends on the commodity or material. The challenging part of this assignment will be to conduct research, not only on the internet, but in your library as well. For the purposes of this assignment, you can identify a company that would consider the assigned “commodity” to be a very important and strategic purchase. You can approach this presentation, as if you were a new purchasing agent of this company, that has been assigned research on this important commodity. You may be required to contact suppliers for information. Make reference to your various sources of information in your power point presentation. Your group will need to decide which information would be most important to guide a purchasing agent or buyer of this material. Here are some areas you may want to consider researching:

1. The intended use of the product and the various requirements to be met by the item purchased.
2. Identify the different forms of the product including the various characteristics, the different grades, classifications, and properties which distinguish one product from another. From the available products, one may be selected for detailed investigation.
3. Define the technical terms that are used to specify and inspect the selected product.
4. Identify suppliers (both domestic and international) from which the product can be obtained.
5. What is the typical way the product is packaged and sold? Can you purchase it in 500 ml containers, or 250 kg drums etc.?
6. Pricing trends (can be accessed on websites such as or on Index Mundi website.
7. What types of things can affect the pricing or availability of the product (i.e. shortage of rain)?

Use the points on the overheads as starting positions for your discussion
Commodity Topics /Groups

Group Four – Natural Gas

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