Explain what obstacles have women faced in being taken seriously as professional artists?

 a) Talk about the evolution of social media – How has social media changed society in the last 20 years? How have the programs evolved? The messages transmitted? Have the objectives of using social media evolved? What type of people started using social media and who is using it now? For example how homosexuality is very common nowadays and if society has helped on it b) Social media and politics (in general) – How has social media helped – or not – in politics? Who was the first political figure appearing in social media? Who was the first political figure on using the social media as asupport for his political campaign? Was it successful? Why? Within the political world, what role does the social media play? LATER WILL TALK ABOUT BOTH OF THE CAMPAIGNS THAT OBAMA MADE AND SPECIALLY ABOUT THEONE HE WON THANKS TO SOCIAL MEDIA c) Social media in campaigns
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