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Explain what makes Russia a hybrid regime


For the final paper requirement in Governments of the World, you can pick one of the five essay topics presented above. Even though the topics are mostly the same as the shorter essay exercises, you do not need to use my opening paragraph. However, it is highly recommended that you follow the format. You may incorporate all or a portion of your earlier submission. You can also choose to write a completely new paper. The paper has to be between 4 to 5 pages (double spaced). Anything less than 4 will be penalized. The fourth page cannot be reference page nor can it be half of a page, making the paper three and half pages. You will need at least three references. Recall that the textbook, Wikipedia, encyclopedias, yahoo, and Google are not sources but resources. Failing to meet these minimal standards and requirements will result in the paper being penalized in the grading. Below I provide an example of the 5 steps to writing a good paper. I use the example of China and corruption but the steps can be used for any of the other topics as well.

Do not put steps 1-5 in the paper. In other words, do not start the paper off with, Step 1 and then put in Step 2. This is meant as a guide to help you in the organization of the paper.

Step 1. The theory is the template question.

a. Specify the theory by turning the question into a statement.

For example: How is Guanxi connected to problems of corruption in China?

Theory statement: Guanxi is about personal relations and saving face. However, many in China rely on Guanxi ties to get jobs, economic opportunities, and open doors to power and privilege by paying bribes. The thesis developed in this essay is that Guaxi contributes directly to problems of corruption in contemporary China because it allows individuals to utilize personal networks to obtain favors and other benefits not based solely on merit.

Step 2. Provide an explanation of Guanxi

a. In other words, explain what Guanxi is

Step 3. Provide illustrations of problems of corruption in contemporary China.

a. That is, provide supporting information on corruption (stylized facts)

Step 4. Explore the connection between Guanxi and corruption.

a. Also, discuss briefly why combating Guanxi and corruption has become central for the Chinese communist party. [Hint: the section on legitimacy in chapter three (social basis of legitimacy) could be useful. Rampant corruption is likely to erode a state and party’s legitimacy in the eyes of the public.]

Step 5. Concluding statement

Restate the theory and your supporting information.

If you have an opinion you would like to express, this is the place to do it. This is not an opinion paper, so your personal views should not be expressed in the body of the paper.


Where do I start? The textbook.

For this particular example, I started with the textbook. However, even for a short essay, this is not enough. I then googled and found a treasure trove of information (stylized facts). While I used Wikipedia for more background information, I recognize that it is not something you cite in a paper. Nor is googling a citation. Googling is means of finding sources that you read and then cite. For instance, I came across this great article in an academic journal that helped me a lot in writing the essay. In addition, I found an interesting article in a newsmagazine. Also, I utilized an academic book full of useful information that aided me immensely in writing my essay. With these sources, I had more than enough information to write a good and well-informed essay. Moreover, I went to Purdue’s writing lab to make sure I had crossed all my Ts and dotted all my Is.

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