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Explain what is the significance of “half-life”? It is the measurement of radioactive isotopes in curies that will still exist within half a lifetime of the listed isotope It is the amount of time required for half of the atoms in a sample to decay

1. The contingency plan associated with infectious waste management should include ____.

Rupture of plastic bags

Equipment purchase price

Hazwoper certification

TSD permit numbers
4 points
Question 2
1. Henri Bacquerel discovered that minerals containing uranium gave off energy that, _______.

were capable of causing skin burns similar to that from overexposure to the sun

capable of causing cancer-form skin spots

penetrating black paper

capable of producing a crude form of electrical power when exposed to light
4 points
Question 3
1. Which of the following is a false statement?

A qualified person or committee can handle the determination of whether or not dialysis unit wastes are classified as infectious.

Contaminated sharps are determined to be infectious by a qualified person or committee.

The definition of infectious wastes includes the portal of entry as a necessary factor for induction of disease.

Segregation of infectious wastes assures that the added costs of special handling will not be applied to noninfectious waste.
4 points
Question 4
1. The half-life of Uranium-234 is _________.

36 hours

5,730 years

250,000 years

704 million years
4 points
Question 5
1. The fusion process involves all of the following except _____.

Simultaneous release of energy

Combination of small atomic nuclei to form more massive nuclei

Instability of one or bother nuclei

Splitting of two smaller nuclei
4 points
Question 6
1. Pathological wastes include all of the following except _____.

Serum and waste blood

Tissues and body parts


Body fluids removed during surgery, autopsy and biopsy
4 points
Question 7
1. What is the significance of “half-life”?

It is the measurement of radioactive isotopes in curies that will still exist within half a lifetime of the listed isotope

It is the amount of time required for half of the atoms in a sample to decay

It is a generalized termed used to measure the quantity of available nuclear material in National stockpiles

It is a physical measurement of laboratory-grade nuclear material used in “heavy water” production
4 points
Question 8
1. What subtitle and section codifies medical waste regulations?

Subtitle L, 40 CFR 259

Subtitle O, 29 CFR 1200

Subtitle J, 40 CFR 259

Subtitle J, 40 CFR 1200
4 points
Question 9
1. All of the following have regulations, authorities or professional practices regarding infectious wastes except ___________.




4 points
Question 10
1. Regulated Medical waste includes all of the following except _____.

cultures and stocks of infectious agents

human blood and blood products


contaminated animal blood and blood products used in laboratory testing
4 points
Question 11 – 200 words
1. Define “ALARA” and discuss its three major concepts.
Question 12 – 200 Words
1. Identify and discuss three categories of infectious wastes and give specific examples of each. What are the proper handling procedures for these wastes?
Question 1
1. Which of the following is false regarding emergency response teams?

On-scene incident commanders must have extensive training beyond the first responder awareness level.

Hazardous materials specialists must be able to develop a site safety and control plan.

First responders, operations level must know basic control, containment, and confinement operations.

First responders, awareness level must know how to select and use specialized chemical protective equipment.
4 points
Question 2
1. Corrective Action Requirements are found in which section?

29 CFR 1910.120, RCRA

40 CFR 280, Subpart L and O

40 CFR 280, Subpart E and F

29 CFR 1910 Subpart L and O
4 points
Question 3
1. The “buddy system” is associated with what aspect of the HAZWOPER standard?


Handling drums and containers


Site control
4 points
Question 4
1. New UST systems require all but which one of the following?

All owners/operators must ensure that certification, testing or inspection is used to demonstrate compliance by providing a certificate of compliance on the UST notification.

The piping that routinely contains regulated substances and is in contact with the ground must be properly designed, constructed and protected from corrosion.

Owners/operators must install specified equipment to prevent spilling and overfilling associated with product transfer to the UST.

All owner/operators must secure permits for installations 90 days prior to the 1st fill of the tanks.
4 points
Question 5
1. Which monitoring procedures are essential to maintenance of safe working conditions, where heat injury is a potential hazard?




4 points
Question 6
1. HAZWOPER trainers must meet the qualifications of _________ requiring specific training in the subjects taught or appropriate academic credentials.

29 CFR 38 (a)

29 CFR 1910.1200 (p)

29 CFR 1910.120 (e)(5)

29 CFR 38 (a) through (g)
4 points
Question 7
1. Minimum requirements for an emergency response (action) plan for employers who will evacuate employees from the workplace and do not permit any of their employees to assist in handling the emergency are codified in what section?

29 CFR 1910.1200 (p)

29 CFR 38 (a)

29 CFR 1910.120 (e)

29 CFR 1910.95
4 points
Question 8
1. Chemicals exert a toxic effect on humans by gaining access to tissues and cells. Which of the following is not an example of a major route of exposure of these toxic chemicals?


Dermal absorption

Ionizing radiation

4 points
Question 9
1. What was created by Congress in 1986 by Subtitle I and reauthorized for 5 more years in 1990?

Post closure rules

Temporary closure rules

LUST Trust Fund (Leaking Underground Storage Tanks)

Modifications to financial responsibility requirements
4 points
Question 10
1. What federal regulation deals with LUST’s?

Subtitle O, RCRA


Subtitle I, RCRA

Subtitle L, HSWA
4 points
Question 11 -200 words
1. What is HAZWOPER, and what are its major component sections? In addition, summarize the key components that would come into play when you must evaluate an abandoned industrial paint manufacturing facility with a good size field of 250-300 unknown, unmarked drums in the open field next to the manufacturing building. What factors contribute to the complexity of remediation of properties contaminated with fuels containing MTBE?

Question 12 – 200 words
1. You have been notified by the attorney for your late Dear Uncle Harry that he left his old service station property to you. It has been padlocked since 1976. You decide to look the place over and find that there are at least two underground storage tanks that apparently have some petroleum product in them. The nearby, long-unused well contains water that has a strong odor of petroleum. What must be one of the first things that you do? Give your thoughts on how you would proceed with handling this newfound property….treasure…..dilemma???

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