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Explain what is the role of a parent?

This assignment consists of two parts:

1. Journal Writing (min 100 Words). Watch the below video first and then respond to the following question.

What is the role of a parent? Within your answer address learning and ethological (attachment) theory. Make sure you include a relevant text term or concept and apply it to yourself in your journal.

Your response (100 words) will be graded on your ability to integrate course material into your personal response.(For this purpose, I’ve attached a PDF copy of my textbook as well, use chapters 5, 6, 9, and 11 while writing the response)


2. Understanding Data

Boys vs. Girls: Who are the bullies? A friend of yours has written a lengthy letter to you in which she describes a problem, and asks for your help. In the town where she lives, a heated controversy has arisen between two groups, girls claiming they are better behaved than the boys and vice versa. A naturalistic observation was conducted during recess session over the course of a week at one of the schools in the community. Children’s aggressive behaviors were recorded (see the attached table).

Your friend went on to explain that the school psychologist shared the information (above) with the students, and told them that the data do not support the claim that either group is more aggressive than the other. Some of the students (and some of the parents) disagree with that claim. They believe the data show that Girls are better behaved than Boys, since the mean for Girls was lower than the mean for Boys (4.9 versus 5.1, respectively). Since you are studying psychology in school, your friend hopes you can explain to her a number of things concerning this issue regarding intelligence testing.

1. What is the mode and median of each group?

2. What is the range of each group?

3. This study used a sample size of 10 for each group. Hw might the results have changed is the sample size were larger?

4. How is it possible for one group to score higher than the other group, and yet we conclude there is no reliable difference between the groups?

5. Correlational data has been found to support the claim that children who watch violent television will be aggressive children and teens. Can we conclude that aggressive television viewing causes children to be aggressive. Why or why not?

There is no word limit or minimum word requirement for the second part of the assignment, small paragraphs for each question would be fine.

Textbook download link:

All of the above instructions must be strictly followed while writing. Note that citations are NOT required for either.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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