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Explain what is the proper balance between liberty and security? Does more liberty necessarily mean less security, and vice versa?

In the days and months following September 11th, many legislative decisions were made out of fear. They were justified then (and now) as the need to preserve national security and prevent any future attacks. Counterarguments suggest that the civil liberties, particularly those of Arab Americans and Muslims, are violated. On the one hand, if we are not doing anything illegal, what cause do we have for objection? On the other hand, these policies and proceduresare counter to the ideals and priniciples for which the United States stands.

In your opinion, what is the proper balance between liberty and security? Does more liberty necessarily mean less security, and vice versa? Be sure to include information from your readings and notes to contextualize your answer.

The content of these essays is expected to be 800-1400 words in length. Name, course information and citations are not included in the overall length requirements. Papers that do not meet the minimum length requirement will not receive full credit. You must submit your essays in Rich Text Format (.rtf), Word (.doc or .docx), .pages format is not accepted.
Students are responsible for ensuring that these assignments upload successfully. Attachments that are missing or cannot be opened will not receive credit.
Essays are graded based on the following elements: completion of the assignment, critical thinking, spelling and grammar, and citations where appropriate. Therefore, only those essays which score high marks on all of these elements will earn full credit for the assignment. A grading rubric for reflection essays is posted on Angel under “Lessons”. Students are strongly encouraged to review this rubric in its entirety before they submit their essays. An example of a “perfect” paper is also posted on D2L for your review.

1. Please read the instructions carefully and write according to it. 2. Since the essay is asked you to mention course material, I have already uploaded 3 files of my course material. Please use them. 3. Please write it carefully because this essay is very important for my final grade. Thank you very much!

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