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Explain what is different about IT management in (developed) Asia versus US versus Europe? Does IT need to be managed differently in different cultures and what are the differences?

Presentation of Assignment
You should present a professional and well-constructed document with the following characteristics:
 prepared using MS Word 2010.
 all margins of 2.54 cm
 font 12 pitch Calibri
 spacing 1.5.text
 labels for all graphs, figures, tables, lists, etc
 APA referencing techniques.
 Indent to indicate new paragraph
 headings and sub-headings in larger pitch, and in bold.
 page numbering
 correct English expression
 suitable document structure.
If your assignment does not conform to the above requirements you may be asked to resubmit.
Please pay attention to layout, and logical sequencing of the report. Marks may be deducted in the assignment is poorly formatted or sequenced.
It is recommended to prepare a table of factors to summarise your research. A table should be single spaced and formatted to only cover one page.
Assignments with very poor English maybe required to be re-written.

Assignment Topic
The assignment is a 4,000 – 5000 word research assignment where you provide a report on the research conducted in that area.
• Cross-Cultural Issues on IT Management – what is different about IT management in (developed) Asia versus US versus Europe? Does IT need to be managed differently in different cultures and what are the differences? Do IS need to be implemented differently in different cultures/countries? Do they require different management and/or communication styles? The term developed Asia has been used to describe countries like Singapore/Taiwan/Hong/Kong/Japan/Korea. Equally there is a body of literature that examines IT in developing countries which could also be discussed.
Assignment Content
At a minimum, you will need to:
• introduce the topic;
• provide relevant definitions;
• explain the key issues;
• list any benefits or costs associated with issues;
• discuss its impact on IT management;
• drawing any conclusions from the materials that you have read; and
• a conclusion that draws together and reinforces the key points
Quality of Research
The assignment marking will assign different weightings to the quality of the research you undertake. More weight will be given if you review research written up in research journal articles and conference papers. Less weight will be given to practitioner journals and newspapers. Little weight will be given to Internet web sites belonging to individuals or vendors. In this unit, research from consultant sites, Wikipedia or some vendor sites is considered unsatisfactory and will not be considered as research.
The identification of key issues and the quality of the research are worth 50% of the assessment.
Quality of Writing
The other 50% of the marks are related to how well you write up the research. Marks are allocated according to how well you synthesise the research and how concise and coherent you make the report. What is meant by synthesising will be covered in the tutorials in week 4.
Skills Required
The assignment requires you utilise different skills:
1. You need to use your research skills to collect data and information about the topic.
2. You need to analyse the topic. Analyse means to break down and understand the components of something. Analysing a topic means to identify the various issues within that topic.
3. You need to synthesise the results of your research and analysis to present a coherent and concise report that communicates the results of your findings. Please note that cutting and pasting lots of quotes does not qualify as analysis and synthesis.
Word Limit
The word limit of 4,000 words is a guide only. It is not meant to be prescriptive. If you do enough research you will probably find it hard to limit yourself to 4,000 words. Feel free to write as much as you want as long it is worth reading.

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