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Explain what happens to the body and the brain when stress hormones are released (e.g. respiration, memory, etc.)?

2 Videos
Watch the video The Secrets of the Human Brain (1:33:50), which can be accessed on YouTube, and answer the following questions in full typed sentences. Assignments that are not completed as instructed will NOT be accepted.
1) Using the analogy of a house for the areas of the brain, what are a) the basement, b) the first floor, and c) the second floor?

2) What happens to the body and the brain when stress hormones are released (e.g. respiration, memory, etc.)?

3) What are the “Big 4” techniques that are emphasized as most important during brain mental toughness training?

4) What is the difference between males’ and females’ brains during orgasms?

5) From a brain perspective, what makes some people risk-takers?

6) What is the overriding characteristic of psychopaths? On the described computer task, what was the difference in their brains when making mistakes? Between what two structures is there a communication breakdown? What structure is smaller in the brains of psychopaths?

2nd Video :
Watch the PBS/NOVA Sciencenow video, How Does the Brain Work? (Running time: approximately 52 minutes) and please answer the questions below. Your responses should be typed and written in full sentences.
1) What did the magician turn into a goldfish?

2) Where in the eye does an image first go to?

3) When the magicians make the coins appear as if they are disappearing or jumping from one hand to the other, what is happening in the brain?

4) What makes the difference (i.e. allows the observer to see the balls being placed) in the Penn and Teller ball/cup trick?
5) What is the challenge for computers? In other words, what can humans do that computers cannot? What is the name of the computer who is trying to replicate human processes? And what game does it win?

6) How did Dr. George make the correspondent’s thumb move? What is this process called? (Hint: an acronym with three letters)

7) What brain areas are involved in the perception of pain? In the studies described in the video, how did they measure individuals’ perception of pain following surgery?

8) What part of the brain judges intention?

9) What condition is Dr. Eagleman’s group studying? What is it? How did they gather information on a family with this condition? What is believed to happen in the brain to create this condition?

10) What is the girl at the end of the video saying? What is this effect called? Why does it happen?

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