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Explain what are the best responses to adolescent destructive behaviors/depression/anorexia?


You are probably going to college for a reason. You probably have at least some idea of the direction you want your career to take, or the degree or certificate you want to obtain. Think about the field you are working in now, or want to work in one day, and some of the classes you will need as you go on in that field. Every field of study is always improving and making discoveries in one way or another, and your research paper for this class focuses on the newest trends in the field you are studying in college. All of the research you do for the summary assignments will, hopefully, work as research for your research paper too. So you are not wasting any time or effort on any of these writing assignments. They all build into your final writing project.

We will be using SCHOLARLY works for our research, and that means you have to access the media center’s databases. Search for articles that have the full text available. The Assignments Find an article in the media center’s databases that discusses the latest-greatest, cutting edge issues/practices within the field that you see yourself working in one day. Find something interesting and learn something new! For each summary assignment, choose a different a different article, focusing on the same issue/practice.

Your job is to summarize one article for each summary assignment.

For the first sentence of your summary, write a thesis statement that is appropriate for the article. Next, summarize the article’s main points – focus on solutions, not problems. Look for the positive aspects of the innovation. Set your margins at 1” on all four sides (Go to Page Layout>Margins)  Do not use quotes – it should all be summarized in your own words, and just MAIN ideas. Do not use personal pronouns or contractions – there is no place for these in formal writing At the end of each summary paragraph, give the works cited citation for the article in MLA format which includes the name of the database the article came from. Many of the articles will already give you the citation you need, but they often need some formatting repairs. Try “Exporting” the citation to Easybib to help with this, but double-check that the name of the database remains in the citation.

Some topic examples:

Physical Therapy/Exercise – what is research saying about muscle and fat in the human body, and how it affects health? Psychology – what are the best responses to adolescent destructive behaviors/depression/anorexia? Business – what is on the cutting edge for a certain product’s design? Latest ideas in marketing to certain target audiences?Medical – what are some new technologies being used in prosthetics? New developments in cancer treatments? Fire Fighter/EMT – what is the best way to respond to a multi-vehicle accident with multiple victims? New ways of treating …

Formatting Requirements

250 words 12-point font Times New Roman Double-Spaced One-inch margins all sides

Word Count noted two “enters”

after the summary (do not count the words citation) MLA Citation – two enters after the word count

Main Header: First and Last Name, Assignment Name, Professor’s Name, Date –double spaced at the top left 1” margin

(NOT the Word>View Header)

Example of a Heading:

John Smith Summary #1 Hutchison 9-24-10

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