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Explain to what extent has the development of the smaller economies of Asia (or a particular country) been driven by FDI from other countries?

Your final paper should run about 8 pages.


This is a traditional research paper.  You should begin with a question or series of questions, your account of research and the state of debate on your question and a conclusion based on your research.



The topic must be related to the theme of the course – the development and current state of the economies of Asia.  Below is a list of possible topics, though you may choose another topic as long as it is relevant to the course.

  • To what extent have the major economies of Asia relied on state-led development?
  • What has been the role of export-led growth in Asia (or in a particular country)?
  • How important has the use of capital and exchange controls been in countries that have used them (India, China, Malaysia)?
  • Are the growth rates of India and/or another country or group of countries sustainable?
  • What is the role of trade with China and Japan in the development of other economies in Asia?
  • What kind of development path has a particular country pursued?
  • To what extent has the development of the smaller economies of Asia (or a particular country) been driven by FDI from other countries?
  • To what extent has the development of Asian economies (or a particular country) been driven by low wages?
  • What do social indicators tell us about the state of human development in Asia (or in a particular country)?
  • What is Abenommics and is it likely to pull Japan out of its stagnation?
  • How has fiscal policy in China helped avert stagnation since the 2008 world economic downturn?
  • How has the world economic downturn affected other economies in Asia?
  • How has industrialization and growth of a country impacted the environment?
  • How has economic reform impacted poverty rates or other measures of social well-being?
  • To what extent are the economies of Asia dependent on exports to the US and EU and how is this likely to change, given the weakness of these economies?



You may also choose a historical topic, like whether conditions improved for working people under Maoism in China, whether India’s five year plans were successful in alleviating poverty.


These are just ideas.  You may choose any other related topic.



Grades will be based on:

  • The specificity of your question and overall topic.
  • Good use of sources and quotations to support points and show the current state of discussion/debate on your topic.
  • Quality of writing.
  • Structure of argument in answering your question and deriving a conclusion.
  • Good use of data to support conclusions.



The best sources of information can be found in Academic Search Complete on the library’s website.  The Far East Economic Review and Pacific Review are particularly good sources and are not too technical.  You may also use non-academic sources like the Asian Wall Street Journal, Financial Times or Economist Magazine. and are good sources of information, as are the Asian Development Bank, World Bank, IMF and government sources in any of the countries you are researching.


You should use at least four sources outside of the assigned readings.  You should also include at least one table or chart using data to support points

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