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Explain the statement “Stovepiped operations lead to stovepiped systems; stovepiped systems perpetuate stovepiped operations.”

understand the questions carefully.

  1. This is an individual work, so make sure it is your own.
  2. Search the book or other resources to have a better understanding of the questions.
  3. When you are asked to provide examples, make sure it is your own example and preferably from experience. Examples must not be identical to other students and have not been discussed in the classes.
  4. Use ‘Word Processor’ to answer the questions.
  5. Submission must be through the submission folder set by your instructor on Blackboard, no email submissions will be accepted.
  6. Late submission or plagiarism will result in ZERO mark.
  7. This assignment worth 5 marks of the total course mark.

From Chapter 1

Q1) Explain the statement “Stovepiped operations lead to stovepiped systems; stovepiped systems perpetuate stovepiped operations.”                                                                      [2 Marks]


From Chapter 2

Q2) Do you think activities that could be re-engineered away should serve as foundational building blocks in an enterprise information system? Why or why not?                  [2 Marks]


From Chapter 3

Q3) Do some events occur outside enterprise boundaries? Should information system designers focus on events that lie beyond an enterprise’s boundaries? Support your answer with a suitable example.                                                                                  [6 Marks]




From Chapter 4

Q4) Case Study of “Bowerkate Corporation”                                                       [10 Marks]                                         

  • “Bowerkate Corporation” sells handcrafted surfboards to customers through its network of company salespeople.
  • Each surfboard is given a unique identification number and a suggested selling price when finished.
  • Upon employment, each salesperson is immediately assigned to service a separate group of customers.
  • When customer data is initially entered into Bowerkate’s information system, the customer is immediately assigned to a salesperson.
  • Each sale can include one or more surfboard and can be paid for in any of three ways:  (1) Immediately in cash

(2) On the 15th of the following month

(3) Over the course of six months.

  • No more than one salesperson participates in making a particular sale.
  • A salesperson may negotiate with a customer and agree on a selling price for any surfboard that is lower than that surfboard’s suggested selling price, especially if the customer is a high volume customer or if that surfboard is a slow seller (i.e., it has been in stock for a long time).
  • Although the vast majority of cash receipts come from customers (any particular cash receipt would be from only one customer) for sales, some cash receipts come from other sources (e.g. bank loans).
  • Every cash receipt is processed by exactly one of Bowerkate’s several cashiers and is deposited into one of Bowerkate’s bank accounts.
  • Information about surfboards, employees, and customers often needs to be entered into the database before any transactions involving them have occurred.


  • The following data items (attributes) are of interest to potential users of this model:

-surfboard-id#                                                 -cash-account-balance

-customer-name                                             -qty-of-items-sold-on-a-particular-invoice

-salesperson-name                                         -cashier-name

-cash-receipt-total-amount                             -description-of-surfboard

-location-of-cash-account                               -customer-accounts-receivable-balance

-sale-number                                                   -salesperson-number

-cash-receipt-amount-applied-to-a-sale         -cashier-ID-number

-cash-account-number                                   -cash-account-type

-customer-number                                          -suggested-selling-price-for-a-surfboard

-actual-selling-price-for-a-surfboard               -sale-total-amount

-salesperson-commission-rate                       -remittance-advice-number



Note: Salesperson commission rate is determined per contractual arrangement with each salesperson and for a particular salesperson it is the same percentage rate no matter what items he or she sells


Create an REA model for Bowerkate Corporation’s Revenue Cycle as described above.  Be sure to include all relevant entities, relationships, attributes, and participation cardinalities.





REA Enterprise Ontology



Is it easier for you to first think about the resource flows associated with a transaction cycle and then use that knowledge to identify the economic events in the cycle, or is it easier to first think about the economic events in a cycle and then use that knowledge to identify the related resource flows? Give you opinion about it.

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