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Explain the similarities and differences between the two cases Keyton, J., & Shockley-Zalabak, P. (2010).

For this paper, we have to compare two cases, one case is short it’s called “Ethics in Big Pharma” and the other one is the NASA book, I have taken some pictures from chapter 1&2 of the book, it should be good enough information for comparing the case. But if you have the book or if you want to borrow it from the library, below is the name for it.

one of the big issue that I think can link 2 cases together is their ethics problem, in the small cases the pharmacy claims that they are telling people everything but they are actually not just like in the NASA case, they don’t’ tell the people everything when they say they are, they know the problem of making the shuttle exposed but they don’t want to admit it. And from chapter 1, from the timeline, it shows that they didn’t tell the people even the family of the astronaut about their lost until 2pm when the president have a statement << it could also claim it as a ethic problem.

Name of the books

Case Studies: (Chapter 47 P.350-356 only)
Keyton, J., & Shockley-Zalabak, P. (2010). Case studies for organizational communication: Understanding communication processes (3rd ed.). New York: Oxford.

NASA Book: (Whole book)
Tompkins, P. K. (2005). Apollo, Challender, Columbia – The decline of the space program: A study in organizational communication. Los Angeles: Roxbury.
Elements require for the paper

The case comparison paper should be between 5 to 7 pages (excluding the cover page, tables, figures, and references) and should include the following elements:

1) Brief introduction of the selected case from Keyton and Shockley-Zalabak (2010)
2) Brief introduction of relevant information from the NASA case
3) Relevant organizational communication theories/concepts that tie the two cases together
4) Similarities and differences between the two cases (with respect to the relevant theories and concepts)
5) How the NASA case helps understand the selected case
6) How relevant lessons learned from the NASA case can help create solutions for the selected case
**point 1+2 should be no more than 1 page. And for point 2 about the summary of the relevant information from the NASA case is only the part that you want to put in the paper.

**other than that, point 3-6 should always be comparing two cases, and linking it together instead of talking it separately.

**For point 3, the theory part, “framing (Rhetoric)” could be one of the theory or concept.
please think of more theories or concept about organizational communication.
there are some theories that we have learned:
Groupthink, Framing, Culture, Ethical communication, Organizational Amnesia, Uncertainty Reduction, Rhetoric, Leadership, Sensemaking, Penetration

<<you can apply this to the paper if it’s applicable. Thank you.

For the files, there should be 4 different files
achieve 1: the small case “Ethics in Big Pharma”
achieve2+3: NASA case book Chapter 1+2
4: this instruction document

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