Explain the relationship between integrity, leadership, and success in public life.

Write a 4-6 page essay answering the questions below and integrating these sources as noted. In addition, please reference as many of the course readings as you can to demonstrate how your perspective on academic integrity and social trust has developed over the semester. At minimum, refer to at least three course readings from earlier modules. You may quote or paraphrase. Be sure to cite properly and not plagiarize! Use whatever citation format you prefer but be consistent and include a works cited or bibliography page. For the readings that come from this website, include as much bibliographic information as you have (I realize that you may not have all pertinent information, that is okay). Include page numbers when possible. For books, use full bibliographic information.
Prompts for Final paper:

– Refer to one of the quotes provided and explain what it tells you about the relationship between integrity, leadership, and success in public life.

– Refer to MSU s policy on academic integrity in addition to other readings on academic integrity. How does academic dishonesty, as well as a general lack of integrity, hurt society as a whole?

– Refer to both sets of your responses to the survey that ask you to think about your attitude to education. What changes do you notice? For example, do you now see your individual behavior in a larger social context?

– Think about your future. What are your personal and professional life goals? Given these goals, what changes to your academic, personal, and professional behavior will you make to be better prepared to achieve these goals with integrity?

As much as possible, integrate your responses to these questions within a structured paper that takes a position about your understanding of academic integrity and academic dishonesty. However, do not worry too much about making all these pieces fit together within a single thesis. You will be evaluated primarily on how thoroughly and thoughtfully you answer the questions, not simply on the overarching structure of the paper.

This essay is for the academic dishonest class, the reason i have to take this class was because i copy the answer hint from last semester’s answer to my home work.
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thae other things that i learned from the course were how to cite source and what is plagiarism.

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