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Explain the Pygmalion effect

This is the paper based on a personal experience that explores either a outstanding or failing/ineffective in a personal or professional setting. I want it to be a personal setting. You will need to connect a concept which I want it to be a theory called “ Pygmalion effect”. In this paper, you should include and describe the following as heading/sections in you paper. So please write four to five paragraphs to fulfill the requirements .

a. personal experience: Tell the story of what happened in the incident. Explain specifically what was the problem, who was involved and the outcome.
(so for this part, I want the story happens in a group work, it is my quantitative class, professor assigns us into different groups at the beginning of the quarter . each group contains four to five members and we all need to work together in order to accomplish our problem set .The problems set is a small exam that worth 50 points each and we have five of them for that class. There are four students in my group include myself. We talk to each other and reach the agreement on we all want to get an A from the class. Since this is the exam we are going to do it together, then we all need to study, be prepared before the exam. We expect each other to follow the agreement , do our own study before the exam. However, there is one girl that never study, she knows nothing about the meth formular that we learned from class and textbook. During exam time, she is not helpful as we expect , and she even questions on our answers. We talks to our professor about the issue we have with her, hope that we can kick her out of our group. However, the professor says we need to deal with her towards to final, because that’s how group works. Three of us decide we are still going to help her on the problem set, do our own study like what we agree on before, and she will learn her lesson on final exam since we need to do the final by our own. Therefore, the rest of us get a nice grade at final since we all study and know the meth formular well, but she does not get a good grade, she end up as a c.

b. theoretical concept: explain the problem/ theoretical concept that you are using from the reading in your own words. ( please explain the Pygmalion effect in your own words )
c. application of theory: using the chosen theoretical concept as a lens, apply it to the personal story I wrote above. Explain how the theory helps to understand how leadership broke down and why the incident unfolded the way that it did. Reflect upon what caused the situation to turn out the way it did and what can be done specifically to either solve or improve the situation.
d. Conclusion: explain what you can learn fron this paring of theory and practice. Include how you can use these lessons to provide advice for how you or someone else might better handle the same kind of situation in the future.

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